The Hag Is Back




The White Hag Brewery of Sligo.

Want YOU.

Paul Mullin at The White Hag, writes:

We’re One!

After 12 tumultuous months, we’re back at the RDS [Ballsbridge, Dublin 4] for the Craft Beer festival, and this year we’re bringing 12 (TWELVE!) different varieties of beers.

Following a successful fleadh #2, and an even more successful crowdfunding exercise on Linked finance, were upping our production to meet demand here at home and abroad.

Anyway, Broadsheet has been good to us, so by way of reward, we’d like to invite a few of ye along to the RDS this Thursday, Friday or Saturday, give ye some nice Tshirts (as above), and a crate of beer to bring home with ye.

Just tell us why you need this prize, please?

Lines MUST close at 5.15pm 6.15pm

The White Hag Brewery

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68 thoughts on “The Hag Is Back

  1. garthicus

    I need this prize because I’ve been a massive fan of your stuff since you started output and I even convinced The Blue Monk/Coles to carry some of it ;-)

  2. Anne

    “Just tell us why you need this prize, please?”

    Eh, coz, I never got the last prize I won ;)

      1. Anne

        That’s ok..
        Here –

        “UPDATE: An extra CRATE goes to this call for craft beer gender equality….

        I need this beer because a think a limited edition hangover mightn’t be as bad as an normal hangover.I need this beer because it’ll make you sexy. :)I need this beer because I got 99 problems and beer solves all of um. I need this beer because I don’t think enough wimmins appreciate craft beer and I think I might appreciate it. (Anne)”

        Gender equality? I never got um. This is just like those Camogie players who won nuttin’.
        Where do I put in my complaint?

      1. bisted

        …for balance…I got my beautifully published ‘The Devils Dictionary’ from ROADS last weeks…thank you Broadsheet…thank you ROADS.

  3. Michael O'Riordan

    I need this because by the time I get home I will be gasping for real beer. Only problem: I cannot collect it as I am Tanzania working with Burundian refugees in what is now the second largest refugee camp in the world – Nyaragusu. The dust here is something incredible!

    Ah well! But I can dream.

  4. eleanor

    I need this prize because when i move to the Netherlands next month i can wear the t-shirt and persuade dutch people to buy your beer and be able to give them a sample from the crate of beer i will also have! Win Win!

  5. RobinBoy


    Tried getting a few friends into it too! The Chocolate Oatmeal Stout is to die for!
    Plus me at 3 mates are free this Saturday!!
    Plus Plus, a White Hag tee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go on Go on Go on!


  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    Because I’ve never even heard of White Hag.
    But I and my loyal drinking associates can razzle up a roaring thirst for our debut Hag-off.
    With us on board you’ll be upping production like you’ve never upped before.

  7. Lauren

    I need this prize because I live right by the RDS, and don’t want to spend the weekend on the outside looking in…It’s a modern day Cinderella story. Available ALL of the days.

  8. Dudley

    I need this because I am but a poor and uneducated fool lost in the minefield of craft beer, and the gentle guiding hand of a brewing master is required to broaden, widen and imbibe-en my palette.

    And I have two small kids and need a break, alright?!!

  9. Ronan Mullen

    I need it because I tried it for the first time last week and really liked it.

    So…………………. I want more please :)

  10. jeremy kyle

    Because otherwise I’m just going to buy some Galahad and nobody wants that, especially me.

  11. Tidy Dave

    I need this prize in order to repair my mother-son relationship by finally being able to say to her that something good other than the road to Dublin has come from Sligo.

  12. Sherlock Homebrew

    Because I just bottled my first attempt at brewing a heather ale, made from fresh Wicklow heather, and I have not been able to find White Hag’s heather ale anywhere nearby to sample it comparatively. Basically I need this prize for educational reasons, not because beer beer beer but also because beer.

  13. mac léinn

    Because I’m handing in my PhD thesis this week which probably contains as much beer research as it does “science”… and it’s never too late for some last minute data gathering right?

    Plus a crate of White Hag would be a great way for me to thank my GF for proof reading a lot of the manuscript, she’s a huge Oatmeal Stout fan.

  14. Derry

    Because my significant other just qualified as one of Ireland’s first female beer sommeliers and I need something suitable to impress her (and drown my sorrows).

  15. Bobby

    I need it for a lift..

    I was in the middle of supporting a reconstruction job on a cooperate housing project and I broke my shoulder and I’ve been wasting away, bored, and can’t do any of the usual stuff I do since. This also means no work, so no pay! I’m also on mad strong painkillers – which is not as fun as lots of people make it out to be – and so haven’t had a sip of alcohol since my accident and it would be a lovely drink, and a lovely treat to have first!

    I would also share the booze with the handsome and friendly troopers out working (in the rain right now) on the house with one man down.

    Fair play to yiz anyway!

  16. weldoninhio

    I need this prize because when i was a young man I was working away in poverty stricken town. I met this young man who had no arms or legs, but he always kept a bottle of the White Hag with him wherever he went. He’d roll down the road, clasping the bottle between his teeth, until one day he dropped it and it smashed!! That was 20 years ago today and i’ve been trying to source a free t-shirt and tray of White Hag ever since. I believe this is my destiny.

  17. MoyestWithExcitement

    I need this because I’m a Catholic recovering alcoholic so I have to torture myself with temptation in order to purge my soul before being accepted to the kingdom of heaven. Also, I hear baseball shirts are in fashion up there so that’d be nice, too.

  18. Brian Clarke

    So I can Introduce even more people to your beer. And you have the best sour ale made in ireland which I really want to have again.

  19. Stephen

    I need this prize because my and my pint sized friend are a barrel of laughs, so in the grand spirit of things, and without whining too much, we’d love to drive down from Meath and give your beer a shot.

  20. Cathal

    Because to be honest guys I’m rightly fed up at the minute :-( if it’s not the miserable weather it’s the mundane office job which I’m currently enduring.

    Momma told me there would be days like this but not so flippin many of em :-D so how about you brighten up this one with some of that tasty goodness. :-D xx

  21. Anomanomanom

    I need this prize because…… White hag goes down nice and easy.
    But the hag at home makes me queezey.
    She’ll just nags and nags, till i share my prize bag.
    Which in turns makes the white nag go down easy : )

  22. Gord

    I need this prize because –
    Failed NCT
    Migraine til 3
    This day was pee.
    From father to be.
    Beer me.

  23. jonjo

    I really need this prize because ive a babys head to wet. And what better way to do it than with the juice of an auld white hag.

  24. scottser

    i need this prize because, well i won it last year. and once you go coffee rocket on the white hag oatmeal chocolate milk stout you just can’t go back. nor their IPA through the hop rocket. i’m now like a craft beer junkie, holding a sign that says ‘will work for irish bog ale’. also, the missis is pregnant again, so she’d be able to drive me home. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase!!!!!

  25. Irish Lass

    I need this prize… give to my best mate Paul. Being far abroad and far too lazy, this is another year I havent sent him a birthday gift to let him know how much he means to me. He is a huge lover of craft beer, obvs. Help me out Broadsheet, please do the leg work for me here?!

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Unless Paul has a rare terminal illness only curable by craft beer or has just saved a drowning zebra foal in a treacherous part of the Congo then ya haven’t a chance of winning.

  26. Liz

    I need this prize….because I’m thirsty. Also, Ive just anagramed your companys name to “Wheat Height”, which is relevant AND took me at least 15 minutes………

  27. Stephen F

    We need this prize as we have just bought a house (a do-er-upper-code for a house that will break you financially and emotionally) and have a 1 1/2 year old to boot, so not only are we looking at somewhere between 18-35 year’s of nights-in, but we are tired and grumpy almost all of the time. One ticket and a few beers would make me happy, but with two tickets, not only do we get to spend some time away from the leaking, rotting, cold shell of a money pit that is our home for the afternoon/evening, but we also get to drop off the little one for some quality time (free baby sitting) with her grandparents..

  28. Charlie

    Hey guys,

    I need this prize to treat my girlfriend to a cool day out and a few cold ones.
    We met over a Craft beer (Against the Grain Bar) and haven’t looked back since so how about a dig out and a few extra brownie points for me :)

    Thanks Lads :D

  29. Murtles

    I need this prize to help me study the correlative effects between drinking and watching Fair City versus how many times I shout at the telly using colourful language and superlatives. I don’t think it is as many as watching CSI Miami but I’d need to check.

  30. Dude McLynn

    I need this prize because something has got to wash away the rancid taste of that absolute slurry you call your White Hag Red Ale.

    Seriously lads, you should be ashamed of yourselves for putting that swill on the market.

    The rest of your stuff isn’t bad though.

  31. Robyn

    I’ll be honest. I don’t need this prize. I want this prize, and I know I’ll enjoy this prize, but I don’t need it.

    If you need a reason though. I need to buy new trousers after sliding sideways into a roundabout on my bike at lunchtime. It’s either trousers or beer fest, and *checks* yeah, the trousers are urgent. It was really quite scary. I would be honoured, delighted and obliged if you could hook me up. A keg and a straw would keep me happy.

  32. RoRo Shabadoo

    I need this because my poems are much better after a few sups.

    So far this week has been a drag,
    Im just back from a week in Prague
    I was dressed up in drag
    On a crazy wild stag
    something something
    I love the White Hag

  33. essexhian

    It would be a sin,
    For me not to win.
    Have need of a beer,
    To practice the Craft.
    Am down on me knees
    So won’t ya pleeze,
    Give it to the best?
    And Forget the rest!

  34. Kev

    I need this prize because I missed out on loads of the brewers last year, and I hold you guys partially accountable…. I made the mistake of going to you guys too early in the day, and I couldn’t leave once I’d gotten a taste of the fleadh ale and the tuireann bán!

  35. 15 cents

    i would like the prize because i have no friends at all. and it would be a nice day out for me. i used to have a good group of life long friends, but they were killed when we were held captive by guerillas while travelling south america. i was the only survivor. im home a month and find it hard to go to social gatherings, but im ready now, and id like to go to this one and maybe make some friends again.

  36. missy

    I need this prize because a Sligo man broke my heart. I feel reparations are needed. What I once associated with Yeats, waterfalls, plush green fields and beautiful beaches, is now a dark, cold place full of memories and false promises. It would be extra sound to do that on behalf of one of your sons, whose cold heart is enough to chill any beer. The hag is back indeed.

  37. Liz

    I need this prize….because I’m thirsty. Also, Ive just anagramed your companys name to “Wheat Height”, which is relevant AND took me at least 15 minutes………

  38. Steve

    I need this.

    I need this because I spent last week sampling delicious craft beers from all over New England, Vermont and Maine whilst on holidays. Got back into Dublin and all that was at home was <@r|53€RG and it tastes horrific.

    My only available source of liquids is craft beer, mainly because I cant afford water charges. Its cheaper in case you don't know. Whitehag is also delicious.

    This is a matter of life, death and hydration.

  39. cormacjones

    I need this prize because I’d like to give it my wife for our first year anniversary. She’s the biggest craft beer nut I know, and this would really make me look really good….for once.

  40. DickvanDyck

    I need this prize as Im a student who needs a room to rent in Dublin. I could use the time in the RDS to see if there is any spare space I could cram myself into and hide until everyone goes home on Sunday. Then I’ll stay till Christmas. Much easier than Daft

  41. Aidan hanley

    …… PAUL…. Gimme a beer Paul

    I’ll do anything for an Orange Peel Whit beer

    Or a Session IPA

    Or an Imperial Oatmeal Stout

    Or even a Sour Heather Ale

    Remember I said I’d do anything


    So There!

  42. Kat

    Reasons I need this:
    1. I don’t understand washing machines and literally have to buy new clothes every week because I’m incapable of not shrinking/ deforming clothes in some way
    2. I love beer more than 70% of my family.
    3. I love White Hag beer more than 99% of my family
    4. I love White Hag beer more than 100% of my family if I exclude my pets
    5. I’m good at sharing
    6. White Hag owes me; it’s been responsible for me losing my keys and sending 4 text messages I shouldn’t have
    7. White Hag has also been responsible for me texting myself to see if I’m out.
    8. I’m a lightweight so this would possibly be my quota of beer for the year (ergo no real effect on the overall bottom-line*)
    9. I’ll learn how to do my washing so I won’t destroy my new t-shirt so everyone’s a winner in the end.

    *I have no idea what this is.

  43. JDC

    I need this prize because I was so distraught yesterday when I spilled my last beer on my last clean t-shirt , that I missed this by a whole 24 hours. Plus your Bran & Sceolan is the best IPA in Ireland by a country mile.

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