15 thoughts on “A Taj Strange

  1. Rois

    We’ve had this exciting post before……The woman who founded Butler’s Chocolates was born in India.

  2. ceo

    Seriously, have you ever tasted Indian “sweets”? always feel sorry for the Indian lads round the office when they bring treats from back home and they are left there to rot. Brave souls that take the plunge end up retching in the bin. All these bland nut based concoctions (nothing wrong with nuts, see baklava etc. nomnomnom) with gold leaf and other weird stuff. This if you ask me, is a good move for India in terms of confectionery based exports.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      While I agree to some extent that Indian style ‘sweets’ are fairly poor. Some of my neighbours home made sweets that are brought to my door each Diwali are bleedin’ gorgeous! :)

      Depends on who’s makin’ ’em I guess.

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