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The Crossfire – Streetlight Angel

Pete Murphy writes:

Introducing The Crossfire, a rock quintet from Dublin [Seán Buckley on Lead Vocals, Matt Brady on Lead Guitar, Chris Murphy on Rhythm Guitar, Seán Keeley on Bass, and Adam Shanahan on Drums]. Where other acts nowadays shy away from the mainstream, The Crossfire write unashamedly big songs to be played in big places.

They wear their influences firmly on their sleeves… U2, Coldplay, Kings Of Leon, The Killers… and make no secret of their ambition to play the same stages, and to the same size crowds as their heroes. For these guys, indie obscurity is not an option. As they say themselves “There are no gimmicks or fads, just a driving ambition and desire to play these songs to as many as possible.”

The Crossfire (Facebook)


39 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. MoyestWithExcitement

    You know what I *will* like? A crate of White Hag and a fetching 80s baseball shirt. When, pray tell, will I find out that I’ve not won any of that?

  2. edalicious

    Lads, if you’re going to blatantly rip stuff off, you’d think you could do better than that! Truly dire, forgettable and unoriginal stuff.

  3. St. John Smythe

    whats the deal with the ‘Crying Game’ style actor walking aimlessly around the streets of Dublin?

  4. The Old Boy

    Who is Pete Murphy? I hope he’s not their agent or promoter. The blurb he’s given reads like the rock music equivalent of an obituary that describes the deceased as “a loveable rogue” and “a bit of a character.”

  5. Peter81

    “Where other acts nowadays shy away from the mainstream”

    As in, creating something different and original?

  6. bazzer

    So the goal is to play the same stages as U2? Is that why you’re writing music lads? To be famous? That should be secondary!! You look GREAT though!! JUST GREAT!! The scenesters in Dublin will probably get a horn over them though.

  7. Quint

    Sweet Jesus, that is shocking. Yes, I’m heartless and cynical but any of us could come up with something like that if we borrowed a few instruments. No tune, nothing to stand out from the crowd, which is doubly important these days as rock n roll is on its last legs.

    1. bazzer

      They look good! Just like all those bands on Grafton Street covering “Chasing Cars” . They all need a good slap of Napalm Death around the ear lobes and a night out with Motorhead.

  8. KiwiG

    Jaysus lads…ever had a dream? Shut the hell up and grow up. If it’s not your cup of tea then what do The Crossfire care? Aw…you won’t buy their music? Pleanty of others will. I’m all up for opinions but my god, when your only out to squash people’s dream and take away from the hard work, money, time and effort these young guys have put in then yous are nothing but a sad bunch of people.

    1. Seriously

      Well, if they want to be famous then they will have to get used to people critiquing their music. If they are in it for the mainstream then they will have to get used to music fans making disparaging remarks about their music.

      You can’t play music for Coldplay fans and be considered cool, you have to chose one or the other… unless your the National, they can do it…

  9. Birneybau2

    (Apart from the fact it was obviously filmed in Dublin) It looks and sounds like a Northern Ireland tourist board advertisement for Belfast. That or a shopping centre, not even a good one.

    Absolute bilge.

  10. Jay

    Jesus lads, some of yous have your heads so far up yourselves Im surprised you could even hear the song!

  11. JogOn

    This isn’t for real. Someone found a terrible band and decided to set them up with that blurb…shirley that’s what happened…

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