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Last night.

Outside European Union House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Members of the Irish Anti War Movement (IAWM), highlight the plight of refugees around the world and what they called the “shameful” response of the EU to the migrant crisis.


According to Channel 4 News, [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel said EU countries should distribute the refugees among them according to the countries’ wealth and she singled out Ireland, Denmark and Britain for not participating in such a programme. The three countries have an opt-out from a quota scheme for housing migrants.

Merkel Says ireland Not Doing Enough In Migrant Crisis (Irish Examiner)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

103 thoughts on “Let Them In

  1. scottser

    yeah, we should give them a little rub on the shoulder before we tell them they can’t stay here.
    i fukn hate merkel.

        1. mauriac

          Europe could and maybe should absorb 50 million plus migrants but it must be done fairly with clear rules.The current chaos( instigated in part by Merkel ) is unfair on everyone .

    1. Rob_G

      Germany have accepted more refugees than any other European country in the current crisis. And an Irish politician would have said ‘Of course I will look into that for you, little girl’ – and then not let them stay anyway; at least Merkel was honest.

      1. mauriac

        Merkel has unilaterally undermined the Dublin convention creating a huge pull factor and in part causing the chaos we see everyday.Not sure the German public will put up with it for long.

      2. dereviled

        I thought so too Rob, and having worked over there I would say: yes, they are obviously a million times more organised and pro-active than us.

    2. doncolleone

      they should kick scum like you out of the EU and let you fend off on your own see how long you last. Inbreeding and corruption does not a great nation make my friend.

  2. newsjustin

    Ireland should not be found wanting here.

    But one here’s so little about the regime in, say Eritrea, where many of the migrants are from. Nothing will (or should) stem the exodus of migrants from Eritrea while that filthy regime carries on unchecked.

    Also, time to give Assad a way back to something resembling respectability…

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Fleeing an entire continent is not the answer.
    Economic migrants choosing where to flee to isn’t acceptable either.

    1. Dόn Pídgéόní

      Libyans and Syrians are fleeing a warzone. Somalia had has a civil war since the 90s. Eriterians are fleeing a dictatorship. Most are in camps in Africa. Iran, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nigeria and India – repression and violence.

      Which ones are the economic migrants?

      1. Bejayziz

        any one that doesnt stop at the first country they arrive in is an economic migrant…there are countries on the african and asian continent not in a state of war they could travel to

          1. Snake

            In fairness, the Dublin agreement does state that asylum must be claimed in the first European country that a migrant reaches. After that, Ireland should take its fair share and process the applications as efficiently as possible.

          2. scottser

            the dublin trap is unworkable. cling to it all you want, but law only works if everyone agrees to abide by it.

          3. Snake

            So, surely that is what we should be working towards then? Once someone enters a country where they are no longer being persecuted then they should claim asylum there. If you continue to move through multiple safe countries to reach your preferred destination then that is a matter of choice not need and you are an migrant. It’s like saying you are starving to death but turning down a sandwich because you would prefer a burrito.

        1. realPolithicks

          Obviously the Dublin agreement didn’t anticipate refugees in these kinds of numbers, so it clearly needs to be reworked. It’s a very convenient shield for Ireland to hide behind since the chances of any refugees reaching Ireland this way are zero.

          1. Mikeyfex

            Ya, bar the Welsh fleeing it’s a free pass for Ireland. It’s not fit for purpose really.

      2. Spaghetti Hoop

        Don, can you honestly say that you don’t believe a refugee can also be an economic immigrant and that an economic migrant can easily claim refugee status?

        1. Dόn Pídgéόní

          A refugee has greater concerns than whether they can get a job. Sure people try and game the system but I don’t believe the hype that the majority of those coming across are doing that. I don’t believe that someone who tries to get to another country suddenly becomes a “economic migrant” either especially when countries like Italy and Greece are letting people through their borders because they cannot take any more while countries that could be helping are effectively looking the other way whistling with their hands in their pockets.


          1. Mikeyfex

            Guys, lose the videos. And Don, show everyone the respect you just showed Hoop when she asked a question and you might have more success.

  4. Advertising On Police Cars

    Lets let every undocumented Muslim into Ireland I say,( undocumented in that no papers, passport etc). Phoenix park could house a few thousand. Any objections?

      1. ABM

        They could go back to Saudi or “Palestine” or whatever messed up muslim state they choose. In fact, they’d have far less distance to travel.

        I have no problem housing persecuted Christians. Some ancient monasteries and villages have been wiped out because of these barborous creatures. But no, we’re more concerned about housing low quality economic migrants from Africa in money-making direct provision centres and first world problems like gay “persecution” in this country. Do we even have an immigration policy? Or a foreign policy?

          1. realPolithicks

            Lilly, all fetuses are “sacred” to people like ABM. It’s only after they’re born that he doesn’t give a crap.

          2. Odis

            Casually avoiding his more substantive point (whilst focusing on the troll) there Lilly.
            Just an observation.

  5. Zaccone

    People who give a flat out ‘no’ to all immigration are wrong. Letting in a capped number of immigrants a year, who have skills that will make them useful, is a fantastic idea. They will help stave off Europe’s demographic issues, and it will offer an avenue of escape to those from less fortunate regions. Something akin to Australia’s immigration system.

    However, a flat out “let them in” such as this, letting in unlimited numbers of immigrants, is not a valid policy either. Africa is going to experience unsustainable demographic growth in the next century. The Middle East has for the last 100 years been volatile, and will be for the foreseeable future. There will always be people suffering, Europe cannot take on the whole world’s burden.

    The most humanitarian long term solution is discouraging people from attempting to illegally migrate in the first place – even if this requires short term harshness, by policing migration more effectively. By unquestioningly taking in illegal migrants now, it simply worsens the problem in the future as more migrants are encouraged to take this dangerous route.

      1. phil

        Totally agree Don, I’ve been reading Dons efforts and I’m nominating him to speak for me re this issue , I cant read any more racist comments from people who don’t even realize they are racists….

        1. Snake

          A refugee flees persecution, an economic migrant continues to his/her country of choice. There is 1 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, the ones who continue across Europe are migrants.

          1. realPolithicks

            These are people your talking about, stop putting them into these stupid categories as if it makes one person is less deserving than another. Show some humanity ffs.

        2. Odis

          “I cant read any more racist comments from people who don’t even realize they are racists…” – incredibly sexist of you Phil. How do you know Don is a man?

        1. Odis

          You need to stop thinking about the problem rationally Zaccone. Or stop commenting on Broadsheet, one or the other.

      2. Dόn Pídgéόní

        Don is el woman!

        But I can’t be dealing with this either phil. Someone else needs to because I’m going to drive myself mad having to explain the same simple facts over and over again.

        1. phil

          Don , you cant explain something to someone who does not want to hear it…

          ooopsie on the gender stuff :-)

          1. Odis

            “Don , you cant explain something to someone who does not want to hear it…
            ooopsie on the gender stuff :-)”

            Serious finking from a guy who can’t tell can’t tell the guys from the galls.

      3. jungleman

        Don, you seem unfamiliar with article 27 of the Asylum Procedures Directive. It sets out the principle of the first safe country. Once someone gets into Greece as a refugee they are safe. If they then decide to go to the uk it is not because they are seeking refuge. They are now basing the decision to migrate on other factors.

      1. scottser

        neither is war:

        any nation who either profits or otherwise contributes to perpetuating the syrian civil waris partly responsible for this crisis. which nations you ask? from wiki

        The Syrian government is politically and militarily supported by Iran and Russia.

        The main Syrian opposition body, the Syrian coalition, receives logistic and political support from major Sunni states in the Middle East, most notably Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. France, Britain and the US have also provided political, military and logistic support to the opposition.

        if merkel is going to point her finger, let her point it at them. however, we can’t hide behind the dublin trap forever. we must take our share, and if we have to use it as an excuse to sort our own sh1t out first, that’s all well and good.

  6. Owen C

    “Stop the wars the cause the refugee crisis”

    How exactly is the EU supposed to stop civil wars all over Africa and the Middle East?

    1. ReproBertie

      We could start by sending missionaries to explain that there is no sky fairy and fighting over which sky fairy story is best is stupid.

      We’d probably have to start by sending the missionaries to Europe first though.

      1. Owen C

        Most of them are ethnic based, not religious. Except for the ones involving the particularly violent sky fairy.

        1. ReproBertie

          I was under the impression that the middle east ones were predominantly sky fairy related what with the people fleeing ISIS and all.

  7. Avon Barksdale

    Some of these comments make a serious case for forced sterilisation. How are some of you so mind-bogglingly ignorant?

    1. bisted

      …in all my time following Broadsheet comments, seldom have I ever witnessed such a level of casual racism. You expect it from the usual suspects and while the comments no longer shock, the source of some of them saddens me.

      1. Odis

        …in all my time following Broadsheet comments, seldom have I ever witnessed such a level of casual intolerance to the views of others. The unthinking slagging. The usual brainless drivel, trotted out by those who consider themselves in some ways more astute and human than the plebs.
        You expect it from the usual suspects and while the comments no longer shock, the source of some of them saddens me.

          1. scottser

            Competitions to make the best pavlova would indeed be a great way to sort out the worlds conflicts

          2. Odis

            How true. And if they were to make it an Olympic event. Then the Olympics might enjoy some of the Televisular success of “The Great British Bake Off”. Instead of just being about people running round a field.

  8. Lordblessusandsaveus

    The immigration ‘crisis’ is being created by Russia (who are creating and aiding trafficking gangs) in order to weaken Europe politically and economically. USA have already seriously destabilised North Africa and Middle East. The two are linked.

    World War Three has started and it’s going to be long, become ingrained into every day life and mainly be economic with resulting local level unrest and dissatisfaction with governments who are being extorted by international merchant banks. Many European armies including Ireland are gearing up to protect their states from the citizens more so than external armies.

    Sounds crazy but is it any crazier than what you think is happening?

  9. nellyb

    I can’t believe nay-sayers are saying what they are saying. With recent local emigration spike. With many families having someone abroad – legally and illegally, qualified and manual laborers. Empathy bred out or something?

    1. Bejayziz

      I dont know about you but all of my family and friends who emigrated for employment applied for visa as they should

  10. hello

    The Stoppers and their ” hands off Assad , he’s secular ” tripe are as much to blame for creating a poisonous atmosphere whereby countries are unable to implement the UNs R2P charter for fear of the streets filling with Know Nothings.

  11. Clampers Outside!

    Merkel can kiss my bottom cheeks.

    Germany started a war, that Germany hardly paid for in not having to pay the debt of it off. Then, just a few weeks ago, 76 years later, and a third to fourth generation of children seeking refuge in Germany for the consequences of that war were kicked out…. and she says we’re not doing enough.

    Stick your double standards up your big fat glutenous hairy German hoop, Angela !

  12. Dubloony

    Can’t believe the attitude here. Anyone see the huge luggage & backpacks all these people have? No? They are literally picking up their kids & running for their lives. They are walking across a continent FFS.

    Thousands have already died at sea. That they couldn’t figure out how many people were decomposing in the back of a truck yesterday doesn’t even bear thinking about. And still they come.

    Have you actually seen any of the footage coming out of Syria? Its an absolute evil – mass murder, torture, rape of “infidels”, cultures obliterated, ancient heritage smashed.
    Has the 20th century taught us nothing? Europe as a whole has been shameful in its response..

    1. Odis

      “Thousands have already died at sea. “ – sadly “a drop in the ocean”.
      “That they couldn’t figure out how many people were decomposing in the back of a truck yesterday” – Maybe if they introduced a proper standard of people smuggling refrigerated van they wouldn’t be such a mess to clean up.

      If you facilitate/allow people trafficking, then the law of unintended consequences kicks in. This isn’t difficult to understand. Yet you have a problem with accepting this reality?

  13. Demon

    The idea that we should willingly take people with lots of skills – the engineers, the doctors, the multilingual mathematicians – but refuse the poor and skill-less is kind of creepy.
    Our neighbours are in trouble – should we help?
    They’re not going to be in trouble forever. Now is the time we could reach out and give them a hand. At the very least, it’s a good thing to do in case we need a hand later.
    Mind you, a country whose politicians can’t sort out badly broken hospitals and a growing homelessness problem may have trouble helping anyone…

  14. Parochial Central

    “Victims of war”? Surely “Victims of another failure of U.S. foreign policy”. Obama’s problem.

  15. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

    I don’t normally do this, but hey, cut me some slack, please…
    Here goes;

    (I thought it was implied in the heading to this thread, but too many of you don’t know this song, Less of you understand the sentiment. -Do yourself a favour. Let ’em in. Make the World a better place to live in.)

  16. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

    Have I got the wrong end of the stick?

    -It makes no difference.
    If you get hitten by the stick it it’s because you deserve to be hitten by it.
    I don’t judge you. I just give you a stick to hit yourself with.

    Hit yourself.
    Go to town.
    Don’t hold back.
    Go mental.

    YOU are the boss.

  17. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

    Sorry for getting excited earlier on.
    There’s nothing and nobody more reprehensible than a racist.

    Some of my best friends and more than half of my children are black.
    I’m terribly offended.

  18. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

    As an aside;

    I’d be terrific as a troll on this site, wouldn’t I?

    But hey, who would set the bar so low.
    I’d never troll any of you, ever.

    It’s all Clampers, Fluffy c*nts in Pampers, people who’ve been tampered with, (By themselves) and other Willy Wonkers.

    I don’t see any reason why I ought to take that route.

    You people are intelligent enough to take the piss out of..

  19. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

    That thjing about banging your sister and your Ma at the same time…That wasn’t actually me. I don’y advocate that sort of thing.

    I get the blame for it all the time.
    That’s wrong..

    There was three black guys involved too. I was only holding the camera.
    I couldn’t even get a horn, there was so much going on…
    Political correctness gone mad Stui.

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