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Sinn Féin Finance Spokesman Pearse Doherty promoting Saturday’s Right 2 Water demonstration yesterday

Further to controversy regarding the IRA’s alleged involvement in the killing of Kevin McGuigan

“Micheál Martin was minister for foreign affairs at a time when we were negotiating the policing and justice powers; none of these issues were raised by him. Yet he goes on to make outlandish claims that the IRA . . . not only does their structure still exist, but that they are involved in racketeering, criminality; which the PSNI say themselves is simply untrue.

“Former volunteers still exist, they didn’t all pass away, they didn’t all leave the island, they are still there involved in Sinn Féin, some of them are involved in the GAA, some of them are involved in community groups, some are getting on with their lives.

I am sure on occasion they sit down and have a drink or meet at an event but is that a meeting of the IRA? No it is not. The IRA have gone, they have left the stage, they have disbanded, they have put the weapons out of use and that happened 10 years ago.”

Pearse Doherty TD

McGuigan crisis is ‘fake’, says Pearse Doherty (Sarah Bardon, Irish Times)

(Sam Boal/

44 thoughts on “Notes of Comfort

  1. Parky Mark

    They must really want me to go to this. When I got that leaflet in the door they delivered 7 of them at the same time!

  2. bobhpe

    last time I passed one of these protests there was someone with a placard blaming the freemasons for this mess. anyone care to tell me what that was about?

      1. bobdolr

        I could have asked but was too busy getting to work. also wondered about the ones mentioning fluoride.

  3. TheMightyOne

    these lads would talk about rights till the cows came home. I long for the day when there is a national debate on individual responsibilities…

  4. Odis

    I’m not so sure I follow this one. What is he trying to say? Is the diesel laundering, fag and alcohol smuggling,
    petrol cutting, not the work of former provos?

    When the government tried to prosecute yer man (forgot his name) for diesel laundering, Gerry Adams started whining on about how you shouldn’t prosecute a patriot, coz, you know, its OK for “patriots” to engage in criminal acts. They should have immunity. A grateful nation should just let them, get on with their criminal activities in peace.

    1. The Old Boy

      I believe you’re thinking of Thomas “Slab” Murphy, former IRA Chief of Staff, notorious smuggler and “good republican” according to Gerry Adams. He owns a large farm, usually described in Revenue operations as a “complex” that straddles the Armagh-Louth border and has operated for many years with near impunity.

      Happily, the failure of his libel case against the Sunday Times means that we can at least talk about it.

      1. Odis

        Yeah that’s the guy. I remembered his name as soon as I hit the “post comment” button.
        I read an article (somewhere recently :-/ ) about his “complex”, seemingly, he has “security people” to check out who is in the vicinity of his complex.
        Clearly, it would be wrong to suggest he would be going to all this expense because he was actively engaged in criminal activities.

        1. Mr Worf

          One of the witnesses that gave testimony about his position and role in the IRA subsequently turned up dead on a road outside Newry, Co Down in 1999. Eamon Collins, himself a former IRA killer, was so badly beaten that one of the police officers who examined the scene commented to colleagues that his remains looked as though they had fallen from an airplane.
          At the time of the raids, RTE’s Tommy Gorman asked the Sinn Fein president what he thought of Slab Murphy and the various claims about his involvement in smuggling and crime. Adams replied: “Tom Murphy is not a criminal. He’s a good republican. I read his statement after the Manchester raids. I believe what he says. He’s also, and very importantly, a key supporter of the Sinn Fein peace strategy and has been for a very long time.” The property, cash and other items referred to in Friday’s hearings are the tip of the iceberg in terms of the earnings made by the IRA in south Armagh, gardai and English police believe

          1. Kieran NYC

            Shhh. No one can ever say anything bad about Sinn Fein as that’s ‘playing politics’.

            Let them beat people to death and then defend it in ‘peace’.

    1. Odis

      Gerry says of Slab – “He’s also, and very importantly, a key supporter of the Sinn Fein peace strategy and has been for a very long time.”
      Just for your information like.

  5. Vote Rep #1

    The PSNI says that “Some current Provisional IRA and former members continue to engage in a range of criminal activity and occasional violence in the interest of personal gain or personal agendas.”

    Which is fine then. Just as long as they aren’t doing it in the name of the IRA then.

    1. Dubloony

      So why can’t they just be investigated and charged like regular criminals?
      And subjected to CAB treatment as well?

    1. paul m

      Funny how we accept the word of politicians turned gangsters telling us not to trust the gangsters turned politicians. Racketeering, intimidation and denial are the tools of both these trades, our glorious leaders just pay someone to dress them up in different titles like ooh say, state tenders, tribunals, and spin.

      1. Rob_G

        Whatever the faults of Enda Kenny and Michael Martin, I don’t think that either of them has ever been involved in the extra-judicial murder of a minor drug dealer.

      2. Randy Ewing

        Not in anyway believing that FF Muppet, would believe the northern based Journos who live in the area and report the facts

      3. Odis

        Are you trying to suggest some of our politicians are guilty of murder? Who are they?
        Not Gerry Adams, coz he was never in the IRA and had nothing to do with Jean McConville etc.
        So who else?

        1. Joan Burton

          I hear Phil Hogan was a hitman for the yakuza, used to pretend to be a steaming pile of poo then jump up and surprise his targets.


  6. phil

    There was no sign of the IRA in 2008 when FF and the Greens gave up our sovereignty , If they still existed that’s something the IRA would have been interested in… No?

    I reckon we should all be thanking our lucky stars that they didn’t reappear …

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I thought that too, at the time.

      The Love/Hate series depicted the dissident RA perfectly; bodhran-beating, whiskey-drinking lads in leather jackets with pigeon-Irish thinking they’re hard men. Oh, plenty of those still around. Big difference between them and the old leadership.

      1. The Old Boy

        I know of one or two “freedom fighters” sitting it out in Portlaoise after a Garda peered in the front window of a house in which there appeared to be a rowdy party, only to see some men sitting around a table with bottles of whiskey, waving revolvers and singing rebel songs.

        They don’t tend to be the brightest sparks at that level.

  7. J

    Dear Pearse, why did Gerry Adams decide not to become an IRA volunteer? I would love to hear his moral musings to this question. If there was no official roll call for IRA volunteers, does that mean that it never really existed in Gerry’s eyes? mmmm but there is plenty of evidence though to prove it did exist. About time that Sinn Fein was asked to defend it’s record on equality ( and no Gerry, the strategic use of women as the “soft face” of the party does not qualify) and justice ,all hallmarks of the true left, exclamation marks though for the bandwagon jumping Shinners.

  8. ahjayzis

    Did anyone hear Joan Burton on the radio on this during the week?

    It was the most nakedly party-political guff I’ve ever heard. Unashamably.

    I’ve no time for the Provos and I think SF are very cynical in their “criticism of us endangers the peace process” whine/threat – but a Tanaiste down here actively stoking the crisis up there for electoral gain is disgraceful.

    There needs to be a level of diplomacy when commenting on politics north of the border, parties down here siding with the unionists in a “the enemy of my enemy” thing is playing with fire.

    1. Odis

      Maybe they are “playing with fire”, I dunno. I’ll discuss it with Seanie, when I’m playing a round of golf with him.
      And get back to you.

    2. serf

      So the basis of your concern is that (as Joan Burton suggests, and SF repeatedly denies), the RA haven’t in fact “gone away”? If the decommissioning was indeed so thorough and the dissolution of the organisation so complete, why is the current suggestion of RA activity so “dangerous”? The reality is that following the standing down of the IMC (at SF’s insistence), we are all expected to tolerate an active low profile RA activity (“criminal”, but not “terrorist”).

    3. Dubloony

      Don’t hit me, me with the Peace Process in my arms! oh please.

      Either SF are part of the democratic process or they are not.
      They are not shy about dishing it out but can’t take it. Terrible sensitive creatures.

      1. Zarathustra

        Has the PIRA ever issued a statement as to whether they are in existence as an illegal organisation, or not? What I mean is, they used to collaboratively admit/ deny involvement in bombings/ murders etc… or, is Gerry Adams’ word that they don’t exist the only ratification offered?

    4. Kieran NYC

      Oh eff off.

      You’d happily blindly join in with anyone who accuses FG/Labour of even the whiff of dodgy dealings with a businessman, yet Joan Burton asking what SF know about MURDERS is playing politics?

  9. J

    Undoubtedly, the Shinners are planning a Gerry Adam’s resignation as “evidence” that they have in fact gone away . This will pacify and silence the Irish media on questioning a pseudo democratic party that defers to a military wing and is bankrolled by criminal proceeds. A party that plays loosely with the word unite, as it divides the left and rises high in the polls.

  10. jeanclaudetrichet

    I’m just so worried for ‘the disappeared’, aka Mary-Lou MacDonald. She hasn’t been seen in weeks.

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