Rhymes With Uncanny



The actual cover of an actual book you can actually buy on Amazon. To wit:

In Carlton Mellick III’s fourteenth bizarro novel, The Haunted Vagina, the reader is presented with another Mellickian mind-bending concept–what if your girlfriend’s vagina was a gateway to another world? We are introduced to Steve and his girlfriend Stacy, whose “haunted” vagina is a problem for their sex life. When a skeleton-like creature emerges from Stacy’s vagina, the two decide to explore what may be inside of her.


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17 thoughts on “Rhymes With Uncanny

  1. The People's Hero

    Crikey, that’s some strange stuff going on there….. I got to admit I really do want to read that – and some of his other – ‘books’. I learned about something new today. A genre I never new existed. Thanks, Broadsheet….! Your’re the best!

  2. Tony Stanza

    And this a day after we were all forced to defend churned out genre books because Pratchett was under attack.

  3. ceo

    Another one that comes up when you search the book, but by a different author is “Ass Goblins of Auschwitz”. Just what the…!

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Just cos it’s on Amazon, doesn’t mean it’s not a vanity self-published job. Amazon is more like e-bay’s “buy it now” section than an online book retailer.

    1. Weedless

      I’ve seen copies of The Haunted Vagina in Waterstones here in the UK so it’s at probably had some sort of non-self funded print run.

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