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High speed photos of piscivorous birds doing their thing in the waters of southern California by Salah Baazizi.

Despite seeming to have been taken at close range, the photographer uses a 400mm super telephoto lens, positioning himself far from the terns, gulls and herons at work.


10 thoughts on “Gotcha!

  1. 3stella

    Nonsense, technology offers possibilities, the photographer decides how it’s used and what the result should be..

    1. Damien

      Rubish. Anyone with fast enough camera, with large zoom lens and fast shutter speed) can take photos like this. Burst-mode on, and all you have to do is keep holding your shutter button… Then our of gazillion pictures pic the ones that are perfectly-timed.

    2. dereviled

      Subject, context, framing, timing and patience followed by countless hours of processing, editing, composition, self-critique and finally presentation to an adoring audience.
      Which is why photographers get paid for what they do.

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