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A colony of ants moving around an iPhone suddenly begin marching around the phone in a perfect circle when it starts to ring.

The jury is out as to why this happens.

Could it be an ant death circle?


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11 thoughts on “Ring Ring

  1. 15 cents

    ya know when just before a phone rings, and you get that disturbance noise, bip ba da bip ba da bip on somethin else, like a radio or whatever? that poo.. its that poo that the ants or avoiding. its messin with their little antennas. when mobiles were first out and people actually used them for phone calls, remember all the talk of gettin loads of cancer around ur ear n’all? well maybe that just hasnt gone away? ants ants ants ants

    1. edalicious

      Or maybe they’ve done loads of research since then and found no strong correlation between mobiles and brain cancer?

  2. Mr. T.

    “Hey Larry, what’s the craic, why are we going around in a circle”

    “Dunno Anto, I just got here and everyone else was doing it”

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