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LGBT activist Dale McDermott and Fine Gael Dublin City Councillor Noel Rock are proposing  a number of rainbow​​-coloured pedestrian crossings in Dublin City Centre to “further boost the LGBT credentials the city has achieved in recent years”.

In a submission to Dublin City Council, three specific locations​ have been outlined.

Dale, a former president of Young Fine Gael, writes:

“Three city centre locations where the Rainbow Walks could be installed that have significant meaning to the LGBT community in Dublin, ranging from George’s Street, outside City Hall and Panti​b​ar on Capel Street. These locations all have their own story to tell and I have done my best to explain in my submission [link below to Dublin City Council how each location is viewed by the LGBT community.


Full Rainbow Walk proposal here

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58 thoughts on “Tread Proudly

  1. donkey_kong

    oh FFS.
    can we not just treat LGBT with the same contempt we treat everybody else.
    you know – treat them equally?

      1. People First

        Can we have zebra crossings back please? These things with traffic lights put cars before people, the old real zebra crossings put people first.

    1. Corky Duke


      This has to be a joke. Are gays offended by the current pedestrian crossings? Move on your gay so what, big deal.
      Can we have some pedestrain crossings also with hetrosexual people on them? Equal is the word being throw around here….right?

      1. LiamZero

        Why do people automatically assume this is in response to someone taking offence? It’s not, it’s just a nice little idea that may or may not happen. No, we don’t need to have “heterosexual” crossings in response because this is not a “gay” crossing. It’s just adding a bit of colour to our lives. Don’t worry, you will be allowed to use the crossing regardless of your sexuality or deeply held bigotries.

    1. scottser

      give it six months and after all the mank, vomit and p1ss gets nicely walked in it’ll look like something out of a pogues tune.

  2. Gers

    Yes great idea, lets make sure only certain places get included, to re-enforce the ghetto like feeling. I thought the all gay thing not so long ago was about equality? Surely there shouldn’t be anymore “gay bars” by now?

    1. edalicious

      It’s not like you’re not allowed to go into gay bars. If you feel uncomfortable about going to them, that’s all on you.

      1. donkey_kong

        i worked in the george – years ago .
        I’ll tell you know , those drunk leering men…I know what women give out about.
        Hardly fair to say , it’s on me now is it?

        unless you say women in the clubs moaning about men not taking no for an answer is on them….
        you aren’t saying that now are you??

        1. edalicious

          I you feel uncomfortable about going to a gay bar, that’s on you, but if you’re MADE to feel uncomfortable in a gay bar, then that’s obviously not.

    2. ahjayzis

      We wanted equality, not assimilation, ta! Some of us still like the odds of pulling better in bars with a greater gay content than 1 in 20! ;o)

      1. Mikeyfex

        Picturing Andy scoring his mates a cool beer after the work is done, the difference being it’s plopping down hail on them and he’s oblivious to how much he’s pissed them off as he basks in his own intelligence and soundness. ‘No, no, take your time boys, savour it, you’ve earned it’ *closes eyes, faces glow of pantibar signage*

  3. Avon Barksdale

    O just great, why don’t we all just go around with willies in our mouths as well! This is just, like, pc madness gone even madder!

  4. Paps

    Doesn’t suit the city at all…..
    How about we fix all the other problems and then worry about painting rainbow crossings..

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    Ah here.
    Those two FG lads obviously haven’t noticed the faded white lines, yellow boxes, yellow lines and zebra crossings around the city. Could we have some fresh paint for ALL citizens and not just the LGBT ones? That too much to fuppin’ ask?

  6. Mr. T.

    Considering the council can barely maintain street markings as it is, these would be worn and patched over within weeks.

    City centre street maintenance is really poor.

  7. Murtles

    Hope they don’t get whoever done the mock up to do the real ones. Have they a problem with straight lines? (Is it just because the word “straight” is used?)

  8. zackersetu

    Really? …. I mean REALLY?? I think they’re a bit gaudy myself… Fook it why not have a yellow brick road from Pantibar to the George!!! Go all out!

    I’m delighted that the city/country has gotten more gay friendly, well it has sort of gotten more gay friendly… I still wouldn’t hold my civil partner’s or as I call him … my husband… hand in many places. Do we need outward trappings like this? People get it …we have marriage equality … we have progressive trans rights … Wonderful! do we need effing rainbow road crossings?

    1. Rob_G

      Freshly painted, it looks ok – but think in a few weeks’ time when it’s covered in chewing gum and tyre-marks?

  9. James O'Toole

    Tel Aviv, California and a few other spots have these. Saw the one in California – and it actually looks really nice.

    I can’t get over the comments here – I really don’t see the issue. Dash of colour. Nice way to permanently mark our position as one of the first places to democratically sanction gay marriage. Deadly.

    1. Elly

      I don’t get why people are being so negative about this. A temporary installation for a year or two would be great, and wouldn’t affect the historic character of the area. Hopefully DCC will go for it.

    2. Sido

      “Nice way to permanently mark our position as one of the first places to democratically sanction gay marriage”. – And not in any way brash, vulgar and divisive.

  10. zackersetu

    That being said … if we could move the pedestrian crossing a few doors up to youth defense / Iona .. I would LOVE that!!

    (also … I’m not against them … I just think it’s unnecessary)

  11. KirkenBrenner

    Do it. Sure it might wind the Burkes up a bit more when they see it after accidentally driving all the way to Dublin.

  12. J

    Hideous. Plant a few trees to distract from the dank, grey , vomit speckled streets rather than accentuating them in a rainbow of awfulness. The budding, shedding, ever changing colours would be aesthetically pleasing and symbolic.

  13. tony

    I thought gays wanted equality, not special treatment. Should we have Pavéé Path, Gaeilgóir Gulley, Immigrant Aisle, Transgender crossings…?

    Fricking yawn! Get on with your equalideeeeee, get over it, you won.

    1. Tony

      Just so ye know, small t tony is the homophobic lad. Not big T Tony. I love the gays, me. Build them rainbow crossings.

    2. Sido

      No you have a point there Tony. Another one, is the demonstration of triumphalism, to the large part of electorate who voted “no”. Two fingers to those “knuckle draggin’ bigots ©” eh! Why don’t you whine about it, to the dinosaurs in the bogs?
      During the WWII the Brits beat Dresden 100% by carpet bombing the place, yet they still haven’t painted flames and charred bodies on the zebra crossing next to Biggin Hill RAF Base. Can’t think why, it was a great victory.

      1. Demon

        Large part? Admittedly arithmetic isn’t my great strength, but wasn’t it a teenshy weenshy part of the electorate that voted ‘no’?

        And surely after years of discrimination, suppression, violence, shame and terror for gay people, there’s nothing wrong with a little celebration now?

        1. Sido

          I recall the figure was around 62% for, and thus arithmetically, 38% against. I would hardly call 38% of the voting electorate “teenshy weenshy” – but have at it, if you want.
          I suppose just over six in ten voted for it. – Its a case of definitions.

          Maybe if we were to re-name normal (none gay) crossings as “Cis crossings” or “hetro crossings”, it would overcome any difficulties. Again a case of definitions. Though of course there could be some problems, in this approach, with the trans-gendered community.

  14. Frilly Keane

    For real like

    BTW singling out pubs for this type of visibility
    Is not good

    Fill some potholes instead

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