From left: Eddie Hobbs, Lucinda Creighton, David Fitzgerald and Senator Paul Bradford at the Renua think in at Woodquay Centre, Dublin yesterday

So some wealthy folk reckon that,
The rates of our tax should be flat,
And the wise Mr Hobbs,
Thinks this would create jobs,
But what are the chances of that?

John Moynes

(Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews.ie)

11 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. dedeluded

    Its been shown time and time agian that trickle down economics benfits only those at the top. This hobbs bloke is a clown. An absolute muppet. He could not be any more muppet if he was made of foam and had a hand up his bottom.

  2. Unreconstructed

    Flat taxes, while superficially attractive (like Lucinda?) are really not any sort of solution, being essentially punitive on the lower paid while benefiting disproportionately the better paid (like VAT). If flat taxes were a panacea, wouldn’t other countries have brought them in?

  3. J

    When hobknobbing in the nappeyvalley of Irish politicians please remember to:
    Fold arms
    Stroke chin
    Recline in seat
    Purse thin lips
    Lean forward
    Raise eyebrows

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