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  1. dereviled

    Despite the flow of arms and oil our center-right governments have failed to predict or prepare for the crises. Rather than affording these people stable governments and a self-supporting tax-system, we leave them to scrabble for our charity, which we now withdraw to protect our interests.
    Number of houses bulldozed : 100,000
    Bank Tithe: 5 – 7%
    Quinn Insurance: +2%
    ….but 0.1% refugees is the end of the world.
    As we have seen, it is now down to the socialists, social workers and volunteers to pick up the pieces.
    Long after we have moved on to trolling each other over something else, decent, hard-working people will be out day and night papering over the cracks.


    1. rory

      Could you spell out what ethno-masochism is? Could you also explain how ethno-masochism relates to both the link under the word, and to the rest of your comment?
      I ask this because I do not understand.

      1. dereviled

        Ethno-masochism is the idea that we are letting our culture be over-run by foreign hordes.
        My point is that we are closely related and have far more in common than the artifice of this vision of culture allows for.
        Having identified our common humanity they may, like the Normans, become more Irish than the Irish themselves.
        Or they can live among us and speak more than one language like countless other integrated societies.
        The figures are tiny, though; it’s a moot point in my opinion, but worth a mention.
        I remember the alarm and disdain when we hosted the Bosnian refugees. I cannot see how jingoism will make anyone feel welcome or want to integrate. It’s as if we learned nothing from the Irish diaspora.

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