We Are Not Seals



This morning.

Advertising hoarding for the controversial McMór Burger, Stillorgan, Co Dublin

But aren’t you supposed to applaud on touchdown?

*balances beach ball on nose


Thanks Glass Dublin

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48 thoughts on “We Are Not Seals

  1. 15 cents

    its Ryanair passengers .. so it should read “so knacked that it claps when it lands. . . and gets an airport police escort off the plane while wearing a sombrero and a bottle of jaegarmeister”

  2. mrmurphster

    Eejits clapping a pilot who’s simply doing his job.. landing the bloody plane..Maybe us Irish should start clapping enthusiastically at take-off too

  3. well

    I thought clapping was an American thing?

    Clapping when the plan lands.
    Clapping at the cinema when some lunatic is shooting at you.

  4. Starina

    The one in Rathmines is really condescending, and was definitely written by an American copywriter – “So Irish it knows Siobhan is not pronounced Cyo-bon”

    1. Parochial Central

      ““So Irish it knows Siobhan is not pronounced Cyo-bon””

      You’re kidding, right? Where is this in Rathmines. I need to picture this for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

  5. Eliot Rosewater

    Do all countries do this thing? Take behaviour that is not unique to us and assume nobody else does it? It’s like the whole ‘in Ireland, we thank the bus driver’. Other countries do that too, it’s just we never got the hang of the middle door conundrum.

    1. mauriac

      they couldn’t fit,” so Irish it appropriates common behavioural traits as uniquely Irish in a desperate attempt to differentiate itself from the dreaded Brits” on a billboard.

      1. well

        Yup work in a company with many non Irish people.
        They can’t understand our reluctance to complain when we receive blatantly poo goods/services.

  6. Ms Piggy

    I’m sure I saw this used for a completely different ad campaign about a year ago…maybe for a brand of bottled water, not sure? Isn’t there any copyright protection for advertising slogans, even really annoying ones?

  7. Bingo

    Had one of these ‘special’ McDs burgers recently.
    Not this one but some other beefed up Big Mac.
    Utter sh*te.
    McDs is for the drunk or hungover.

  8. Bobby

    I can’t usually get ’em, as my girlfriend’s a vegetarian, which pretty much makes me a vegetarian too.

  9. Fiddlestix

    So Irish, it doesn’t make a big deal out of anything.

    If Supermac’s PR were any good right now they’d be capitalising on this woeful idea.

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