14 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Lilly

    No incentive to get off the dole if it were a choice between hatch 22 and working for the Daily Mail, that much is true.

        1. HappyDub


    1. Twunt

      It is a great and sad irony that the Daily Mail is the last daily in Ireland capable of investigative journalism, the rest just reprint press releases with comments.

  2. John

    Did a whole load of feminists from second tier North American universities suddenly retire to Cork or something?

    Examiner makes the London Guardian look like the bulletin of the Prayer Book Society.

    I’d sooner chat to the dude in the yellow dressing gown than have to listening to a dying lot of whingers struggling for relevance in a dying market.

  3. David

    Corbyn a bigot for failing to conform to the norm? Wasn’t one of the purposes of the Allied resistance in WW2 to defeat fascism???

    1. Sam

      Only some people’s facism. You may be confusing some of the motives of the people doing the fighting with the motives of those running the show.

    1. Malta

      A newspaper with a story on its front page about an upcoming extreme weather event will ALWAYS increase its sales figures.

      I wouldn’t worry about snow just yet.

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