Animation: My Dog Nathan


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Niall Kelly writes:

Last week I decided to try turn one of the weird little ideas that pop into my head into a short animated sketch. The result is this – “My Dog Nathan”.I wrote, animated, voiced and scored it and I’m really happy with how this turned out and hopefully it’ll be the first of many little videos if people are interested in seeing more.

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11 thoughts on “Animation: My Dog Nathan

  1. Digs

    That is just awful. Niall, do something else with your life. And BS, Shame on you for posting this, cynical and deliberately divisive.

    1. Niall

      Whilst I appreciate that this mightn’t be to everyone’s taste and not everyone will appreciate this sense of humour
      “Do something else with your life”
      Really? Sorry I offended you so much. I took some time to make something and I really enjoyed doing it.
      Maybe I shoukd take your advice and aspire to do a lot more with my life now like trawling through Broadsheet leaving negative comments. Good one mate. I’ll be sure to send the next one on to you pal x

      1. Always Wright

        Niall, you wanted people to see this so you released it onto the internet. Some people saw it, didn’t like it. Maybe lots of people liked it, who knows.
        The comments here are a bit harsh, my own below included. That doesn’t mean they’re not on the mark though. The ‘do something else with your life’ comment is a gentle way of telling you not to pin your hopes on a glittering career in animation and voice work. It’s like when Simon Cowell tells a deluded teenager that she won’t have a career in music. It’s not nice to hear but it’s true and painfully obvious to everybody but the deluded teen.
        If you get a kick out of it then fire away, just don’t expect Disney to come calling.

  2. Always Wright

    Wide of the mark if you’re aiming for a naive outsider-artist vibe.
    Consider getting somebody else to do the voice work for future attempts.

  3. Kwikster

    I thought it was nicely dark and oddly humourous, but the voice was a bit off, it didn’t fit properly maybe it was too deep. Do another one.

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