19 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

        1. Onetwothreefour

          Print edition available online. College or not, it’s impressively bad. (Your EP review prediction is sort of correct, too).

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Reading it now… dumb headline, considering his conclusion.

            Comments on security sound about right, same ol’ moans about loos, yes, he’s only been to two, right that the numbers are at the maximum.

            His music snobbery wasn’t hard to spot, not that this was a ‘music’ review of the event, but I did laugh at this line about… “the few heads on… a drink and drug fueled mad one…. …get sucked into the first place that sounds anything like playlisted radio”.
            So, because he doesn’t like it, he calls it playlisted radio? Sorry but the playlisted radio was on the main stage, the few scrotes about were down around the dance events/ tents where they don’t spin playlisted radio… hah :)

            Predictable run of the mill filler stuff with a silly misleading headline :)

  1. Pio

    Good God, the Church of England have lost the plot. If they put as much effort into tending to the souls of their faithful as they do on trendy, with-it, right-on vestment fads, they mightn’t have half the problems. The IEC2012 set have a fair bit of catching up to do if they are to beat our English brethren.

    1. Sido

      Oops! Crickey Nick – “I realise now what I should have known years ago. The causes I most care about — secularism, freedom of speech, universal human rights — are not their causes. Whatever they pretend, when the crunch comes, they will always put sectarian unity first, and find reasons to be elsewhere”

      1. mauriac

        you mean by ripping up the Dublin convention and causing chaos unilaterally by saying everyone was welcome before buckling under the first bit of pressure closing borders ,wrecking Schengen and destabilising Europe perhaps fatally ?

      2. human

        ‘Hoop’ what you happen think it very far from the reality…… Maybe get more facts and have another think.

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