They just won’t quit.

Tom McGurk, George Hook and Brent Pope return to Dtwo on Harcourt Street, Dublin, this Sunday for a loive panel discussion ahead, during and after the Ireland versus Romania match.

From 3.30pm.

The real world cup panel.


Previously: RTD Two


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17 thoughts on “DTwo Or TV3?

    1. The People's Hero

      Are you insane? TV3’s coverage is utterly dire…. Their feed to one minute behind ITV… If you live beside someone watching on ITV, that’s a big issue…. Then there are the insanely long ad breaks that destroy any form of continuity in the broadcast/panel discussions(not bad in fairness) and finally, yes finally…. the Sin Bin….Holy crap it’s unbelievably bad…. Oh, and while the panel guests are decent, Matt Cooper is not a good sports anchor….

    2. ZeligIsJaded

      Weirdest comment I’ve heard re TV3’s adfest!

      6 seconds after Japan beat S. Africa, I was watching an ad.

      They had exclusive coverage of one of the most momentous sporting occasions in years, and the clowns decided to stick to the ad schedule.

      Send Matt back to Pyongyang, and bring back the boys!

  1. Sean Dev

    I can’t stand not having those dinosaurs poo on about rugby. Didn’t think I’d miss them so much watching the World Cup – but I do.

  2. custo

    The TV3 commentary has been atrocious. The studio looks like an 80s strip club, and the production values give it the air of a community school summer project. Matt Cooper has the personality of a particularly dull bucket.

    The panel are pretty good though.

  3. Djimo

    Wasn’t McGurk recently part of a movement to bring an end to alcohol sponsorship of sporting events?

    Seems strange that he’s now anchored in a bar for Ireland’s Rugby World Cup matches…

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