Drone footage of the new set for the Ray D’Arcy Show debuting tomorrow night on RTÉ One.

Set designer Sinead O’Hanlon writes:

One of the key challenges for any chat show set is to ensure that both the presenter and their guests feel comfortable and at ease. Ray wanted the set to feel warm and to have an intimate feel, bearing that in mind we have tried to make sure he is as close to his guests and the audience as possible. We have used a blend of colours, materials and lighting to create a warm, engaging and contemporary design for the set. We also have a larger than usual performance area with a simple but effective LED background which allows a variety of looks for the many bands and performers that we hope to welcome to the show.


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24 thoughts on “Destination: Chat

    1. Del McG

      Don’t mention big and Darcy in the same comment. He gets very sensitive about that sort of thing…

      The whinging little goblin…

  1. pissedasanewt

    Does RTE really need to be producing two chat shows where the guest list consists of who ever they find handing around the RTE canteen that afternoon..

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Often wondered were there stats on the guest rotation and correlation between the LLS, Brendan O’C and Miriam’s couch.

  2. Goodnight Ireland

    The balls of RTE in taking such a gamble by hiring veteran broadcaster Ray…… at least it’s not Miriam though, I would rather watch paint dry.

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