For Your Consideration: Aethernaut



Ultan Courtney writes:

Last year you kindly posted my competition entry for a full scholarship to Vancouver Film School. I thought I might send back to you my final piece from the School’s 3D, Animation & Visual Effects Programme. It took over 6 months to plan, shoot and complete, after 6 months of preliminary training. Thanks for watching and for your support!

Fair play, in fairness.

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11 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Aethernaut

  1. Laughter Tack.

    Wouldn’t they have got caught in the tram lines?

    And the fade to blacks made me feel like I was having a seizure.

    But besides that it’s very atmospheric, I wanna see that movie.

  2. Ultan Courtney

    Thanks NilNocere, Conor, Clampers Outside & Laughter Track – I appreciate the kind words!
    You are completely correct about the bus cables! I had prepared several clean up plans to deal with them and ultimately every option would take as long as the entire project to do correctly.

    The only other option was to do it messily which wasn’t an option unfortunately for a portfolio piece. Even one of the Comp artists on the Tom Cruise Movie, “Edge of Tomorrow” who worked nights in the school said it was a complex job at the most senior level. Ultimately I chose to remove a guy walking through the shot. It’s not apparent except his reflection remains in the windows. He looked ridiculous when the whole 90 degree pan was sped up 200% and stabilised – so he had go! Good Spot though!

    Regarding the “fade to blacks” – haha! actually the streets these are shot on are the equivalent of Grafton Street in Dublin so we had to get up at 4am to be ready for 6am and before traffic. The only way to “sew” the edit believably was to borrow from the “fade to black” device used in teasers. Bear in mind this had no budget! Except to provide coffee and food to my freezing actor! hahaha!

    Thanks for watching and for all the feedback,


  3. Digs

    I thought the short coffee from last year was immensely slick and bright. This is also wonderful. That chap has a rare talent in concept and production. It’s good you got out of the country Ultan, you’re gonna be a big fish!

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