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Behold the adorable, aquatic-bumper-car-looking Jet Capsule waterboat, assembled at the renowned Fiart Mare shipyard in Naples.

Taxi, limousine, private runabout, corporate transport, supervillain island shuttle: the boat is available in multiple configurations with rear doors, photochromic windows, a  rooftop that transforms into a sundeck, ‘toilette’ room, rear/sub-cameras, private jet layout, air conditioning, heating and whatever you’re having yourself.


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7 thoughts on “Jet Capsule

  1. Bob

    Why didn’t you show the pictures of the armoured one with green camouflage (not sure what they were thinking there) and the machine guns all over it?

  2. neil

    Having a roof over the entire deck space limits the utility for military/rescue use if they’re serious about targeting that market. Occasionally you may want to lower stuff onto the deck from a ship/helicopter, or carry outsized items that you can leave dangling over the edge of a regular RHIB but would take up all the space in that cabin.

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