17 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

      1. Jonotti

        I get the whole society thing. I study get a job and work 40 hours per week for years. Wife does the same. She gets pregnant and we have to emigrate to survive due to a 62% marginal tax rate on main income. Now we’re rich so thank you to all the welfare scum for giving me that push.

          1. meadowlark

            He comes on to share his vitriolic love for nobody with the rest of us. How nice. Have a nice morning Jonotti

          1. Jonotti

            That’s roughly infinity times more than that woman. And yeah, I’d rather not wake up before 9am if I has the choice.

      1. Linbinius

        Like sending an Irish team to a 3rd tier tournament that means little to very few? Only to give self-righteous ladyparts an over inflated feeling of self worth?

  1. Advertising On Police Cars

    @ Linbinius , yeah that Euro qualifier is suck muck, Ireland ranked 1,344 at the soccer ball.

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