8 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. badatmemesonanunfamiliardevice

    Good afternoon.

    I was just thinking, with the current topic du jour becoming stale fast through an intransigent government, and big Michael hi-jacking big Mickie’s ideas…
    Isn’t it time we had a coalition government of FF & FG?

    NO, it isn’t.
    I was jesting.

    1. badatmemesonanunfamiliardevice

      Nobody I know likes the proposition of the two main parties getting together.
      Everybody loves Big Mickies.
      -His propositions I mean, as vague and symbollix as they might seem. We love them.

      The pink t-shirts?
      Pure genius.
      Elect this man again, quickly.

      I emigrated, then came back BY ACCIDENT during Italia ’90.
      That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

  2. badatmemesonanunfamiliardevice

    I’ll expand on that later if anyone cares.
    Later, when I’m on a more familiar device.

    Start your question with, ‘I hate FF & FG equally, but I was wondering…’

    Pretend you are a girl if you want a quick answer.

  3. Jess

    Jesus the Sun really is a tasteless rag, plastering the poor girls personal like all over the front page like that

      1. New Person A

        There needs to be a rag to spread the dirt on the folks who spread the dirt. I’d pay 25c a day for that

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