‘He Died Of Pneumonia’


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Inner City Helping Homeless write:

It is with sorrow that we report the death of yet another member of Dublin’s Homeless Community. News has just reached Inner City Helping Homeless that a service user has passed away this morning. Reports state that the person who cannot be named at this stage died of pneumonia.

ICHH Director made the following statement: “At this point we cannot name the person but our condolences are with his family at this time. His brother is currently engaged with our service and our heartfelt condolences to him. This is a serious matter, I can only urge the Minister to reestablish talks with organisations regarding the ongoing crisis. This is the second death in two weeks and it will not be the last. The figures are just unsustainable, how many deaths are required before we see intervention”.

ICHH would like to express our heartfelt condolences. We urge the public to please use our emergency out of hours number (in the poster above) and report anyone they see sleeping rough across the city.

Inner City Helping Homeless (Facebook)

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14 thoughts on “‘He Died Of Pneumonia’

      1. scottser

        Given that those three parties formed most of the governments since the foundation of the state, yes it is.

        1. jonotti

          Over their whole political lives their legacy is a handful of homeless people dying? Are homeless people somehow different than the rest of us and not supposed to die?

          1. Lorcan Nagle

            If you waited two months, you could at least be in a position to quote the classics.

            “If they’re going to die, then let them be about it and reduce the excess population!”

  1. Joe cool

    It’s alright lads. Expect the usual buck passing exercise soon. jonottis buddy’s will blame the others etc. They’ll fight amongst themselves and do fupp all as usual

  2. Kolmo

    A vacant premises tax in on all the empty sites would soften the cough of the parasitic speculator. (a considerable factor in the homelessness emergency)
    There are literally hundreds of vacant sites in Dublin city centre alone.

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