Tom McGuinness, of Horseware Ireland and pal

Why not make it simple? So if you give a decent tax credit, that will cause cash to go into the system. If you start trying to subsidise childcare, that gets very complicated. Well who do you subsidise? What hoops do you make them jump through? Then you have to have a whole new sector of public servants to monitor it and so half the money goes into the big black hole.

Why don’t they give tax credits for creches… that’s not going to create a property bubble and, you know, it can be ring fenced for 5 years and then the benefit could be extended for 10 years and then that’s the end of it. Isn’t that a simple idea? Isn’t that like a sensible idea? It’s logic. Simple common sense.

Tom McGuinness, who employs 170 staff – mostly female – at Horseware Ireland in Dundalk, Co. Louth, speaking to journalist Emma McNamara on RTÉ One’s News At One earlier.


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5 thoughts on “Horse Sense

  1. bren

    People have been suggesting this for years.

    Maybe they’ll listen this time, but doubtful. I remember when they gave the childcare grants, and the creches put up the prices by exactly that amount the next morning.

  2. Nice Anne (Dammit)

    That’s a lot of common sense and cutting straight to the solution — burn him with fire and tell lies about him to the papers Quick!!.

  3. Clo

    Not common sense at all. Good for creches perhaps, but what about those of us who rely on childminders because of location (most creches are in towns or cities), age of children (many creches provide care primarily for younger children) and schedule (what creche is open past 6 in the evening?). Also then there will need to be further funds for regulating the creches and ensuring standards (not a bad thing of course). If there is a tax credit it needs to be for childcare in all its forms (and then there’s the headache of ensuring childminders who don’t pay tax because they earn less than E12000 p/a having to register in some form so that families of the children in their care can claim the tax credit).
    The problem with Irish solutions to Irish problems is that they can be very problematic to tweak.

  4. phil

    NO,No,No,No, you start with a committee, they will do a fact finding exercise, mainly checking the existence of children, parents, and building, and a mandate to discover what friends can benefit most from this …

    Then you need a quite period where the findings get leaked to a select few who are given time to create businesses aligning themselves to dominate the market for x2 the price …

    Oh dont forget , teaching unions should always be consulted , even if its nothing to do with them…

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