‘Revellers May Not Have Realised He Was Dead’


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Further to the death of a homeless man outside Starbucks on Westmoreland Street, above, early yesterday morning…

Conor Lally, in today’s Irish Times, reports:

Gardaí believe he had been dead for a number of hours and revellers who passed him in the early hours of Sunday may not have realised he was dead. Garda sources said because the remains of the 10 victims of the fire at a halting site in Carrickmines required postmortems by the State Pathologist’s Office, it could be several days before the cause of the man’s death was established. However, they said one line of inquiry was that he might have died of a drugs overdose.”

The fatality is the second among the homeless community in the city centre in the past fortnight, with another man who had been sleeping rough off Dawson Street in the south inner city found dead on September 25th.”

Meanwhile readers may also recall that, on the evening of Tuesday, October 6, the group Inner City Helping Homeless reported that one of their service users died earlier that morning from pneumonia.

This would indicate three homeless people have died in 17 days.

Latest homeless death leads to call for ‘state of emergency’ (Irish Times)

Previously: ‘He Died Of Pneumonia’


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34 thoughts on “‘Revellers May Not Have Realised He Was Dead’

  1. Clampers Outside!

    ‘Revellers May Not…’

    …right… of course they did not!

    Who the fupp writes that crap…. Conor Lally, cop on to yourself and maybe think before you write, you’re supposed to be a professional journalist not a Sun hack.

    1. Dong

      You beat me to it. What’s he trying to get at? I was in the city on Saturday night-I’m pretty sure I was not a reveller.
      I think he’s trying to portray an image similar to that awful movie with Brendan Gleeson and yer wan from sex and the city a few years back. Tiger tail or something like that.

  2. Lordblessusandsaveus

    Gardaí speculating as to the cause of death is entirely inappropriate. They wouldn’t dare say that had a nice middle class boy been found dead in his back garden in Ballsbridge, having taken too much cocaine. It is so indicative of the embedded social division in this country. The attitude towards those who are born into disadvantaged families is inhuman. They plight is very often down to the apartheid style attitude among civil servants and planners.

  3. RobinBoy

    Only 4 comments on this and over 30 on another article with folks criticizing two young girls doing a little bit to help those less off.

    Speaks volumes.

  4. dav

    As if the Revellers would have cared anyways, too busy spending €6-€8 on a drink to give anything to help the homeless. But this is the type of mé fhéin attitude that the blueshirts like to see before election time.

    1. Dong

      If somebody meets a friend for a pint in the city it does not make them a me feiner or a reveller with a fupp everyone attitude. You should check out the Daily Mail app, I think you’d fit in.

    2. Vote Rep #1

      That sanctimonious drivel I have read on here in quite a while. I’m impressed. You even managed to mention the blueshirts. If you had somehow hammered in an Irish Water reference it would have amazing.

    3. Prop Joe

      Dav, the man who spends no money on himself. Earns his wage but the account to which it is paid is that of the Simon Community. He barters for food and services, has no earthly possessions bar the clothes on his back.
      A true paragon of selflessness in this world of greed and consumerism. If it weren’t for him, ten fold the number of homeless would have perished in much the same way as this poor soul.

      That or you know, he has no mates and can’t go out in town for a pint lest he look like a mentaller with no mates on a saturday night, shuffling awkwardly on the spot checking and rechecking his phone for those texts that don’t arrive, sipping the same pint for an hour wishing he hadn’t been such an insufferable pr!!ck to the pals he once had who used to invite him round to play pro-evo, but stopped when he started reading socialist literature and pontificating how his friends were selfish for spending their hard earned cash on themselves and using a portion of their income to socialise and mix with others.
      They all still talk about him behind his back though.

      1. dav

        I suspect you showed more emotion over the egg chasers getting injured than 10 of your fellow Irish citizens burning to death in the squaller that this nation sees fit to condemn them to.

        1. ahjayzis

          Whereas you were furiously masturbating with delight over how much “I’m *this* much more compassionate than you” comments you could milk out of it.

          Get lost Dav, we know a competitive, theatrical, chest-beating, hang-wringing grief-monger when we see one. Your shtick of accusing people of showing insufficient vicarious suffering serves no tangible purpose and improves nothing for people.

        2. Prop Joe

          Egg chasers? Unrelated loss of life to which no allusion has been made in this article or my comment?

          Have a lie down you poor unfortunate man.

          1. Prop Joe

            Mocking you, dav. My comment was mocking you.

            You must be seething with rage and repressed oedipal thoughts right now.

    4. ahjayzis

      In order to be less “mé fhéin” do I need to nudge homeless people I come across whilst ‘revelling’ to make sure they’re alive and just sleeping, or will a verbal wakeup call do?

      Won’t they mind every second or third person waking them up to check their vital signs?

        1. ahjayzis

          It’s an honest question – how is someone walking by supposed to know if someone else is sleeping or dead? It’s not cold-hearted, is it really tenable to have 1000’s of passers-by late on a Saturday night checking on them and disturbing them in the process?

          Honestly, what’s the warm-hearted solution to ‘revellers’ actions here?

      1. Dόn Pídgéόní

        Only if you simultaneously donate to refugee charities and dog charities and poor kid charities while whipping yourself

    1. ahjayzis

      That’s an awful way to speak about your mother.
      She has a right to a living, joj.
      And sure didn’t her hard work every night keep you in insect-killing magnifying glasses when you were a chizzler?

    1. Woof

      It happens because the drugs sold on the streets are cut with all kinds of crap, and any given dose may be a different strength from any other given dose, and people become infected from the crap that it’s cut with.

      There is a simple solution: decriminalise drugs, set up clinics where addicts can register and go for daily on-the-spot free injections, with backup help in jobs, housing, etc. This would instantly stop the growtih of the drugs industry, because addicts wouldn’t have to recruit new customers to fund their habit. That would kick the bottom out of the crime industry and starve it of cash.

  5. Lordblessusandsaveus

    This website has really hit the bottom.

    The infiltration of Young Fine Gaelers has created a cess-pit of hatred and vitriol.

  6. Seriously

    Everybody screams about homelessness being a huge issue but nobody wants to actually tackle the real issues behind the problem.

    Why would anyone be bothered trying to change the way addicts are treated? the actual reasons people become addicts? the issues of poverty that create addicts? the way addicts are criminalised for being addicts?

    it’s just another Junkie dead, sure he wasn’t a person anyway, that’s what he gets for being a Junkie…..

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