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Luas at Stephen’s Green, Dublin

Derrick Howard was returning home yesterday when he got on the Luas in Stephen’s Green.

He writes:

“I was sitting there, waiting for the tram to pull off, when I started trying to remember, ‘did I tag on?’. I figured, ‘It’s only been about a minute, I’ll get off and try to tag on and if I’ve already done it, the pad will not register it’. Wrong!

“It tagged me off so I then had to wait two minutes to be allowed tag on again before getting back on the Luas. No big deal, I thought, I’ll email the Leap card people, who will surely reimburse my account – they told me the Luas people would need to issue the refund.”

“Well they sent me the email (below), saying it’s not their policy to refund in this case – despite the whole thing happening in five minutes and it being physically impossible to have taken a journey.”

“Granted it’s my own forgetful fault and, granted, it’s only a couple of euro… but come on!?!”

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47 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It

  1. Owen

    Derrick, fight it. Reply again, and keep replying. Escalate the crap out of it. Demand a refund based on the complete impossibility of a journey taking place and describe it as the theft of the public by the department of transport. In every email indicate you would like the money put back on your card etc.

    If that fails start a classic “cc’off” where you cc in Councillors office, even the office of ministers ‘info@minster etc’, and friends of yours in the legal profession. Even make up fake email addresses… they don’t have to know it bounced back to you.

    I hate this crap. “not our policy, nothing you can do, deal with it”.

    1. Mr. T.

      Or you could just chill out a bit and forget about it so everyone around you doesn’t have to listen to you bang on about it.

      1. The horny priest

        Ignore Mr T.He’s a twit and we really could do with less of those.

        Pursue this until you get a refund.

  2. Murtles

    Luas Top Tip : Carry a large red permanent marker with you when taking a trip on the Daniel Day. When you “tag on”, draw a large red line vertically on the back of your hand so you’ll know you are now “tagged on”. When “taggin off”, draw a large horizontal line across the previous one and now you will be secure in the knowledge that you have completed your trip in a procedureally correct manner.
    Use other hand if taking more than 1 trip in the day on the Huey. If taking 3 trips or more you will need to wear flip flops.

  3. Robby Cook

    No,no,no, so your sayn’ he was chiaaarged for a journey, lol..lol.., he never made? hold on hold, this is madness, we’re going to get to the bottom of, I’ve got Mary here, go on Mary your through to Joe……

    1. Owen

      And…. what did Mary say?? Did the same happen to her? This is unreal Joe. And to think of all the money they wasted.

  4. Paddy

    Irksome when customer service asks if there is anything else they can help with, when not being helpful at all about the issue you have contacted them about…

  5. scottser

    an a related-but-different note, i recently made a claim against a seller on adverts that i paid through paypal. paypal refunded me the full amount following their disputes procedure. if you top up by visa or similar, is there a way you can get them involved?

  6. Robert

    Go for small claims – it’ll cost you €35 and some of your time, but it should at least get the legalities cleared up for anybody else that has a similar problem in the future …

          1. Nially

            Even the simplest of economics accepts that people gain utility from actions outside of immediate financial gain/loss. That’s why people pay ca$h money for non-permanent luxury goods and experiences. Someone paying €35 for a ticket to see a sporting event is, by your logic, pointless – paying €35 and not even getting a tangible product to consume in return? Madness! But if this guy’s that annoyed by the principle, it could easily be worth €35 for him to see that through, and economically rational to boot.

  7. Bort

    I tagged on one day only to discover that the luas wasn’t running so I had to tag off to be sure I didn’t get charged for a full journey but I was still charged for the minimum journey, boy was I miffed. Then I thought I’ll eat one less cheeseburger this week and I should be able to balance my accounts at the end of the month.

  8. tsj

    Maybe if Derrick didn’t apparently have the memory of a goldfish he could have avoided this catastrophe.

  9. pissedasanewt

    Just don’t pay and sit on the luas with a needle and pretend to inject yourself with something or shout obscenities at any ticket inspectors. They won’t come near you and instead grab some poor sap who forgot to tag on.

  10. Bingo

    Maybe the right way to balance this would be to just not ‘tag on’ next time you use the Luas?
    Fair enough, you run the risk of being nabbed by the inspectors but you’ll get your cash back!
    With the added bonus of ‘sticking to the Tram’….

  11. Tim Bucktooth

    I was in the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre once when I suddenly felt that I needed to take a leak. I paid to get into the jacks, but soon realised that it was just my prostate acting up again. I explained to the lavatory attendant who could plainly see that I hadn’t used the facilities. He told me that he couldn’t issue a refund but advised me to contact Customer Services. They shrugged and said that they wouldn’t refund me.

    There was another time when I threw up my post-boozer curry chips before I could possibly have digested any of the nutrients. I scooped it up off the footpath and brought it back to the chipper. They wouldn’t even let me back in!

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