There’s A Red Flag Right There



This morning.

Ely Place, Dublin 2.

Bugged and possibly soon-to-be-searched home to Red Flag AND iCan, [Redacted]’s digital advertising agency.

Awkward House Meeting!

Last night: They All Have It Infamy

(Leah Farrell/


The High Court has heard Mr O’Brien received a memory stick from an anonymous source which contained damaging allegations against him, and, it is claimed, originated in Red Flag.

Mr O’Brien apparently has been concerned for some time at the number and regularity of hostile stories about him here and abroad.

He was concerned the drip-feed of stories was being orchestrated as they appeared excessive even for a person who is in the public eye because of business interests at home and abroad.

The court has heard the businessman feared there was a campaign being mounted against him funded by a unknown entity with the aim of damaging his reputation. In the last year there have been many stories about Digicel, Mr O’Brien’s purchase of a new jet, and the Moriarty Tribunal amongst others, mainly negative.

Businessman looks to prove campaign against him (Jane Last,

19 thoughts on “There’s A Red Flag Right There

  1. donkey_kong

    given his involved in the whole water affair he hardly thinks that their isn’t an appetite for negative features on him.
    The difference before was people weren’t looking , now they are.

    The cost of success…it’s not begrudgery , it’s just dislike (or hatred)

  2. ahjayzis

    Is there really a law against digging up dirt on someone and telling journo’s about it? Is he seeking to get his entire track record ruled out of order or what? Can a court really give private person A permission to raid and search private person B’s workplace?!

    Godspeed to his detractors, his name’s already much in Ireland since he [redacted] that [redacted] so as to [redacted] a [redacted] printing machine.

  3. Mr. T.

    Well he has a controversial business history so what does he expect. He really needs to get over himself and stop being so litigious. He might start enjoying life a bit more.

    1. Zuppy International

      Distraction Engines: After the failed IPO [redacted] doesn’t want anybody to know how f**ked his business empire really is.

  4. Joe cool

    It’s only a matter of time. How long can anyone contain these types of stories? It’s like trying to tie down a bear. Eventually all its going to take is one seriously peed off individual and the floodgates will open

  5. Soft like

    If I had the dobsters money I would sue everyone as well because your all jealous of me being the new dobster in town.

  6. Fergus the magic postman

    For somebody who pretends he has nothing to hide, he’s sure going to some lengths to hide stuff.

  7. Clampers Outside!

    Denis O’Brien. Denis O’Brien.
    Denis O’Brien and his tinfoil hat.
    Early in the morning, just as day is dawning,
    he picks up all the papers in his van.

    Denis O’Brien. Denis O’Brien.
    Denis O’Brien and his tinfoil hat.
    All the hacks are singing,
    and the day is just beginning.
    Den feels he’s a really targeted man.

    Everybody knows he is litigious,
    all his “friends” are running as he slaps ’em with a warning,
    Maybe, you can never be sure,
    there’ll be knock (knock knock)
    Ring (ring ring).
    Legal letters through your door.

  8. John

    This is a war. A war of attrition.

    You cannot write anything about him. You cannot talk about him. You cannot even gather together what others have written or said about him.

    Don’t be thinking about him…

    1. Skeptik

      Don’t be thinking of him.
      Don’t be thinking of him dressed in lace stockings and red suspenders
      Don’t be thinking of him with bright red lipstick, doing a fish-gape pose
      Just don’t.

  9. Toe Up

    I love the headline from the Indo, as if he is some Joe Soap that no one has ever heard of who has a good name to uphold.

  10. Truth in the News

    We need to establish where memory stick came from, how it was delivered
    and it needs to be subjected to forensic examination….it could tell a tale.

  11. Frilly Keane

    Is this lad really a billionaire
    Or is just comfortable

    If he was a billionaire
    Like Gates n’them
    why would he be even arsed by what this crowd have on him
    Or what the likes of us have ta’say
    If he was all that
    Sur a mill would buy this crowd out
    And this is hardly Manhattan

    Warren Buffet
    Rhymes with Tuffet
    Wouldn’t dream of carrying on with the Big_I_ Am threats that this Paddy Rich Man flaunts about with

    I dunno
    Sum’ting’s not right

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