Ireland rugby supporters in the Botanic Bar, Belfast yesterday

Other people will shed tears and blame,
The athletes who brought Ireland shame,
Other people, not I,
There’s something in my eye,
But I don’t watch that garrison game.

John Moynes

Pic: Newsletter

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47 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. Jonotti

      Yeah get to fupp with your shame and garrison games Moynes. You deserve to be dump tackled at your next book launch for that one.

  1. MoyestWithExcitement

    Don’t even follow rugby and I could have guessed that result yesterday. We don’t believe in ourselves as a nation. Happy Monday!

    1. mauriac

      or maybe it’s just that Ireland with its plodding attritional style had lots of injuries and Argentina are better at rugby.

  2. Disasta

    First 20 minutes killed us. Even with the bit of a comeback it was too much. We didn’t come out fighting and it cost us the game. Fair balls to Argies who did the simple things right, and that’s all they did.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Anyone else singing the Boulí theme song in their head. Altogether now ‘Fear sneachta bán, heata ar a cheann……’

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            Ok, you’ve lost me there. What’s the link ‘tween Ulster Bank and confusing cartoon snowman who appeared on one channel in English and another in Irish….actually, what was his name in the English one?

    1. Dog Gone. IT

      You’re not a true rugger fan unless you’re filled with envy, a misplaced sense of entitlement and deep, deep self-loathing. You of all people should know that.

  3. Drogg

    I think the people who are attacking the skills of the team, saying they bottled it and whatever other negative crap you are pointing at these men who are probably already hurting and don’t need you rubbing salt in their wounds, should be made tog out and play 80 min against that Argentinean side. All the bandwagoners are all giving loads of poo when they don’t even understand the game, now that is shameful.

    1. topsy

      what a load of idiocy. Thankfully the self delusion is over with. The Irish rugby team is crap. period.

  4. Barry

    Only one comment on here worth the effort to read “Argies did the simple things right” No amount of injured players can justify Ireland’s lack of cop on to that. Only one person really missing for us, O’Connell, for his motivation, no one comes near.

    BTW, Limerick is crap

  5. Kicker

    I’ve lived in D’s 18 and 6 and 4 all my life. Have never met a child called Sneachta or Cosmos. Please advise.

  6. Gav D

    A thread filled with delightful “STOP LIKING WHAT I DONT LIKE LOL IRELAND LOSE”.

    God bless the internet.

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