36 thoughts on “Tasteful

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Another article I read this morning described the ‘running amok’, the biting and the violence followed by;

    “However, the man was not Irish”.

  2. kurtz

    That’s Gawker for you. If the tragedy doesn’t occur in the US, then it’s ‘hilarious’. Their coverage of the Berkeley tragedy descended into comment after comment of drunken Irish jokes.

      1. SiJu Cat

        +1,000,000 you win the internet and Florida jokes. My instant reaction is cant wait to see what Gawker comments will say about this one! Cup of tea and biscuits mandatory.

  3. Graeme

    This is a standard Gawker headline which has it’s own terrible vocabulary known as “gawker speak”. Headlines are usually like “This thing happened because this” or “This thing is so terrible I can’t even”.

  4. Rob_G

    Gawker is a horrible, hateful website, fond of body-shaming women and outing people who they suspect to be gay like it it is some sort of joke.

  5. Skerries

    his female companion was found with drugs in her case so he was probably muling and it burst in his stomach causing the reaction

        1. meadowlark

          Twas on RTE news earlier but details were scarce when I saw the news.

          It all sounded a bit mad and sort of Snakes on a Plane to me.

  6. rotide

    How is it a horrible headline?

    Even without any actual journalism it’s pretty clear that is what actually happened.

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