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Loah – ‘Cross’

Irish / Sierra Leonean singer songwriter Loah and her band perform the fourth song from the and music series, hosting and producing videos for Irish acts performing new material.

Week 3: Come On Live Long

Week 2 Bitch Falcon

Week 1 Tomoorrows

Press Record

12 thoughts on “You May Like This:

  1. Mr. T.

    Week 4: Sandwich Whack
    Week 5: Fixie Wedding
    Week 6: Antelope But Stop
    Week 7: Enormous Tiny Mediocrity

  2. _d_a_n_

    I can’t be sure, but I’d have to say, if pushed, it’s that genius Bob Gallagher who directed this. What a guy.

  3. Seriously

    Saw them supporting Bilal a while ago in the Sugar Club. They were good, pretty innocuous but good musicianship. Harmless.

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