Defiant Willie



This afternoon.

IAG Chief Executive Willie Walsh (left), Fine Gael Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Paschal Donohoe (centre) and Aer Lingus Chief Executive Stephen Kavanagh (right) launching an expansion of  Aer Lingus’ long haul network for 2016 with three new routes from Dublin to Los Angeles, Newark, New Jersey and Hartford Connecticut.

Much demand for Hartford, Connecticut anyone?

(Sam Boal/



(Sam Boal/

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25 thoughts on “Defiant Willie

  1. Cian

    Hartford and surrounding areas is an insurance centre so there’s a fair bit of traffic; and the state of Connecticut is putting up $5M as subsidy for European flights so its worth a shot.

    1. realPolithicks

      It’s about 100 miles from Boston to Hartford, so this new route will certainly be welcome to people who live in the western part of the Massachusetts. It also opens up the eastern New York and southern Vermont area to them so it might work out.

  2. John Cassidy

    Hartford, Connecticut is twinned with New Ross, Co. Wexford. I sh!t you not. Guess who got the raw deal in that twinning. Now I think it’s only fitting that New Ross gets an international airport. If Knock was deemed worthy, I don’t see why not.

  3. Anomanomanom

    Aer lingus are awful for long haul. It’s BA or nothing, unless I win the lotto then Il be flying fancy, might even wear some pants.

    1. The People's Hero

      Are you nuts? Aer Lingus is fantastic long haul – for the price and convenience…. The only time I use BA is to fly to somewhere AL does not…. Never transfer as a domestic in the US….

      1. PaddyMac

        Completely agree with Anomanomanom, Aer lingus are horrible for Long Haul.. BA and Virgin are far superior.

        1. DaithiG

          They might be rubbish but I always use the US carriers to get back and forth simply because clearing Immigration in Shannon or Dublin is the Dogs B****x!!

          And to be fair, the staff at AA are very good. I find the AL and BA staff fiercely obnoxious.

    1. bobojoc

      I booked two flights to LA with Ethiopian last night for less than €900. Then they announce this today I thought oh sh!te but looks like they’re more expensive…. phew.

    2. Conor

      Sure if you got the time you can do it for €400 via Oslo with Norwegian.

      Obviously there’s extras to be paid, but sure all you need are shorts and t shirts for LA :)

      Expect prices to continue to fall in the next few years.

  4. bgeire

    Longboat quay (the McNamara built apartments with ongoing fire safety issues) is a strange choice of backdrop for the photo shoot.

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