I Will Not be Chilled



From top: Denis O’Brien; Anne Marie McNally


Currently embroiled in the Red Flag/[REDACTED] alleged conspiracy controversy, Anne-Marie McNally writes:

When does money become power? When does power become a desire for control and when does that control become all consuming? Does it matter much if you become irrational and frenzied along the way as you pile up law suit on top of law suit all the while trying to frighten people into submission and acquiescence?

There has been much talk about the ‘chilling effect’ caused by certain individuals who take umbrage with any form of scrutiny of their business dealings but the true extent of that chilling effect is perhaps not thoroughly understood by those outside the political and media bubble.

The unfortunate reality is that when details of the latest lawsuit or legal threat make it into your daily read, you are getting a heavily sanitised version of what is actually going on and just how damaging it potentially is. The real context is never wholly laid out because that ‘chill’ hangs over the journalists trying to write the story.

The ‘chill’ in many of these cases is more than an implied threat of professional and personal litigation; it is far too often a very real legal threat on foot of an injunction being in place. As someone with an intimate knowledge of many of these stories I often read the coverage and find it unrecognisable to the reality of the situation.

If you know you’ve done nothing wrong and you have acted in good faith and with clean hands then it is incumbent on you to stand up and be counted in the face of threats and intimidation. Journalists are increasingly pushing the envelope in this regard but there is still a significant problem with the control wielded over newsrooms by cautious lawyers terrified of shaking the sleeping beast.

To call for good governance is not something to be shy about. To say that the State should uphold its duty to implement the recommendations of any tribunal – which has cost the state millions – is not out of order or in any way a conspiracy. It is simply the obvious response of anyone with an interest in public affairs and a desire to see a functioning society within which openness and accountability are valued and the dominant political and corporate culture is based on transparency rather than secrecy.

If somebody with money (or the appearance of money), power and a desire for control decides to get overly paranoid about things and paint everybody as having a vendetta or being somehow involved in a conspiracy then that is an unwarranted over reaction that cannot be allowed to influence the actions of those calling for good governance in Irish society.

If all of this seems in a vacuum to you then I apologise but I am not immune to the ‘chilling effect’ when it comes to committing words to paper but I’m hopeful that anybody who has been keeping a close eye on recent events in the High Court and the corresponding-albeit sanitised- media reports will understand my point.

However while I am forced to be careful about what I commit to paper and how I explain current events, I do not have to temper my actions as a citizen of this State calling on people to sit-up and take notice of things that deserve closer scrutiny within the public interest.

As a citizen with a keen interest in current affairs and a passion for a political system that people can trust, I will not be chilled in my actions to draw attention to questions that deserve answers. It is not about who is involved or not involved, it is not about targeting any individual; it is about the system and trying to force a change to the system.

If the same individual happens to be involved in a significant amount of the issues that deserve scrutiny then perhaps they should begin to question their own actions rather than the actions of those calling for the scrutiny.

Anne-Marie McNally is a political and media strategist working with Catherine Murphy TD and will be a candidate for the Social Democrats in the forthcoming General Election. Follow Anne-Marie on Twitter: @amomcnally

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190 thoughts on “I Will Not be Chilled

      1. classter

        Which ones?

        One of the notable features of the DOB pages is almost nobody, even most contrarians, come out to bat on his behalf.

        To put it mildly, most BS commenters are worried about his outsize influence & his willingness to threaten/pursue legal action in order to maintain his ‘good name’.

        1. bubbleandsqueak

          Stop 100 people in the street and ask them in front of a video camera what they think of Dennis O’Brien.

          Alternatively find the other Dennis O’Brien’s in Ireland and ask them about how annoying and how much of a negative nuisance sharing the same name as REDACTED is.

          Next time he goes to court to defend his good name, inform the judge that the common opinion of the man is extremely negative and he doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to protecting his “good” name.

    1. Andy Moore

      Many have castigated the guilty one Dennis O’ Brien many times both here & on the street & it just causes grief because of ” Lawerly Dispensation ” , & the total advantage of cash over justice which has been a way of life in this country for centuries & our new Republic changed little to outweigh the imbalance ! I’ll put my name to any accusations & best of luck to O’Briens tuppenny ha’penny lawyers finding my stash ??

      1. Andy Moore

        The only winners are the legal profession & the insurance industry which finance them in the main !!

  1. baz

    broadsheet.ie aka mcnallys thoughtless gutter

    more hatin’ on DO’B , oh wow, begrudgery is alive and well in 2015

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Begrudging a proven to be corrupt individual? Are you of the old “it’ll be grand, it’s only an envelope” school of accountability and justice? Are you in YFG? Is corruption cool now?


      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        “more hatin’ on DO’B , oh wow, begrudgery is alive and well in 2015”

        I’m so confused.

  2. Malta

    I am so confused by this current “conspiracy” business…I wood love to hear the unsanitised version!

    1. TheQ47

      Sorry, mistyped the HTML tags:
      If the same individual happens to be involved in a significant amount of the issues that deserve scrutiny then perhaps they should begin to question their own actions rather than the actions of those calling for the scrutiny.

  3. pardon

    Make a name for yourself by improving the system rather than attacking the man. The obsession with DOB is so obvious that it is now boring.

    1. ahjayzis

      Nice try chicken, but the only one displaying the qualities of obsession is the megalomaniac who’s taken up residence in our courts, hun.

        1. ahjayzis

          Anyone who owns most of our commercial media, has been found guilty of corruption by a statutory tribunal and actually attempted to stifle parliamentary reporting can’t get enough scrutiny, sweetcheeks.

          Your attitude might be “well we know he’s corrupt and unaccountably powerful and is cynically using our judicial system to terrorise and silence his critics and rivals, but he’s OUR ego maniac”, but that attitude’s done enough damage to this country, twinkle-tits.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            “but he’s OUR ego maniac”

            I don’t think that’s it. I think it’s a very American right wing attitude that’s in play here. Folks who believe that “The Producers” should be revered because having loads of money is what everyone should aspire to and so anyone who isn’t rich (like elderly bearded protesters who might be on the dole) are the dregs of society who need to know their place and not criticise the almighty.

          2. ahjayzis

            You could be on to something there. I disagree with that world-view, customers and regular people with a bit of disposable income are the job creators in my view – but these idiots aren’t even getting the trope right.

            By all means lionise the wealthy and successful if you like – but the origin of this toad’s immense wealth is covered in detail by Moriarty, and it hinges on corrupting and abusing our state, his wealth came at a net loss to this society – a society he continues to abuse by threatening it’s media freedoms, subverting our democracy.
            Right-wingers should be on the front line in demanding he be brought to account, as it’s their ideology he’s mangled and subverted.

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            “customers and regular people with a bit of disposable income are the job creators in my view”

            I’m tempted to say that it’s not just your opinion and that it’s technically true. But that technically wouldn’t be true. I mean, money is *literally* taken in at “the bottom”. But we still believe in supply side economics in this country. This is why the middle class is evaporating. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s because of a really stupid, stupid attitude in society. Demand creates jobs, not the Denis O’Briens.

            “Right-wingers should be on the front line in demanding he be brought to account, as it’s their ideology he’s mangled and subverted.”

            Well, if Fox News is a good gauge of right opinions here (and I think it could very well be), when people on the dole screw the system for an extra €100 a week, they need locking up. When an entrepreneur games the system or avoids tax, then it’s ‘Well he’s smart and he’d be stupid not to’. You’re not going to win with these people. They have deep cognitive biases they can’t see and probably never will.

          4. salmon eile

            You two queens are hilarious. No one spoke to the points you raise about Mr O Brien’s alleged corruption. The point made was that Ms McNally speaks to the Dunphy style of self- promotion where a bogeyman or sacred cow can be slaughtered in public solely in order to further the executioners career. Ms McNally uses the same victim rhetoric as her bete noire which devalues her methodologyz hun

          5. ahjayzis

            Oh come on, snowflake.

            She’s not selected some controversial, unconnected subject at random, pumpkin.

            She was at the centre of DOB’s recent attempts to undermine both our parliament and media, where his shaved monkeys actively defamed her then-boss and now-leader, pickle.

            And she’s hardly dredging it back up out of nowhere – he’s back in the news again this week once more using our justice system as a personal whipping rod to bully people, sugarmuffin.

          6. Nigel

            So O’Brien co-opting the language of a victim puts any similar or related rhetoric out of use for people trying to criticise him? Or at least that’s what you go along with and you want everyone else to go along with it too? The best, if slightly deranged, thing you can say about this is that you think O’Brien is so fundamentally corrosive he has corrupted language itself and anyone who touches the same language he touches becomes corrupted in turn. I don’t think his worst critics would agree with that.

          7. Fergus the magic postman

            @salmon eile;
            Anne Marie McNally has been working closely with Catherine Murphy, who I’m sure you’ll remember, in the face of all kinds of legal action inaction & general unhelpfulness from FG, & legal action from your hero above exposed some serious conflicts of interest & shady dealings in the continuing siteserve saga.

            If not for them, none of us would be any the wiser.
            Some of us still aren’t it seems.

            I often notice a pattern, whenever anybody comes along here who are big defenders of the knobless one. They usually also crop up here posting about how people who protest against the status quo are jobless scum & cranks from the bottom of the pit, bleeding the state via dole & benefits etc. which says a lot to me about the sort of FG loving idiots we’re dealing with.

          8. Fergus the magic postman

            edit my post above:
            who I’m sure you’ll remember, in the face of all kinds of legal action inaction & general unhelpfulness from FG

          9. salmon eile

            @ Fergus I know there is not an edit function but if you read over the second part of your rant there I’m sure you’ll find that you wish there was one, it’s incoherent and badly judged.

            On the first point I was personally aware of the potential conflict of interest involving siteserv well over a year before Catherine Murphy TD “exposed” it, this information was already in the public domain. As such your hero worship is incorrectly attributed.

          10. salmon eile

            To be fair you made an interesting point about the corruption of language there Nigel. But broadly yes that was what I was inferring. However unlike you I do believe the system is fairly robust, in the long run.- the public will give their view if they have one, on the various sagas linking Mr O Brien and the current administration at the next election. I must say simply that I don’t share your dystopian vision

          11. salmon eile

            So he did fail then did he muffin? That’s a rather different view from the one expressed by Ms McNally

          12. Fergus the magic postman

            Salmon eile:“I know there is not an edit function but if you read over the second part of your rant there I’m sure you’ll find that you wish there was one, it’s incoherent and badly judged”

            It’s not badly judged, and you seemed to understand it.

          13. Nigel

            I think your view that the system is robust enough to put up with lots of high-level corruption and collusion but too fragile to survive its exposure at any point where it might make a difference is much more dystopian than mine.

          14. Nigel

            Dude, we are one and all aware that we have been labouring under successive governments that fully embrace the pragmatism of corruption, and that this cynical, lazy pragmatism is attractive and seductive to enough people to let them get away with it, and has made enough people rich and powerful who are invested in keeping it that way.

          15. salmon eile

            Well I’m not sure it’s really like that Nigel. The fact corruption exists is a given and though we may labour against it neither is it always going to prevail entirely against ethical governance. I see these things as being in a constant state of flux and while Murphy’s efforts and those of her sidekicks may well have been meritorious I find it peculiar that it’s SO well organised if you know what I mean, it gives the impression to me of being a bit too well orchestrated hence my suspicion.

          16. Nigel

            We must accept corruption, but any efforts to examine it must be challenged with the full brunt of skepticism, cynicism and hostility where suspicion and hostility are given added weight and the flaws and foibles of the individuals are dissected, publicised and inflated?

          17. Clampers Outside!

            ” the system is robust enough to put up with lots of high-level corruption and collusion but too fragile to survive its exposure ”


            The illusion that it’s “too fragile to survive its exposure” is exactly the delusion they want you to feel. It’s of course complete nonsense. We just survived the worst economic crash the world has seen. Our system can survive the exposure of the corrupt easily.

        2. salmon eile

          Were those attempts successful love? I mean folks still seem to be going to parliamentary sessions and participating in the democratic process. At the next election there might even be a new government, who knows. My point is that putative politician gyros would do better to advocate a solution to the problems with subversive manipulation that you allege exists, rather than use their central role simply to attract personal promotion

          1. ahjayzis

            So because he failed, no harm done, and we can’t impute any negative motives to his future actions nor judge him on the attempt? Come on, Princess, you’ll have to do better than that.

            I mean I’m the same, loveen. I don’t understand why we prosecute for attempted murder or attempted burglary or attempted bribery. And it’s not as if he currently has a lawsuit against the entire committee on procedures and privileges in the works. He’s harmless and worthy of no comment.

            Let’s just no one talk about corruption lest people think we’re blowing our own trumpets, eh babes?

      1. pardon

        Which is his legal right, darling. A moanfest about DOB in BS should not be a passport to the Dail.

  4. salmon eile

    Yawn – me me me

    No real difference between this person and the equally self absorbed folks she eschews to decry – two cheeks of the same Arse

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          “Yawn – me me me”

          This is “an objective view” according to Salmon. This thread is going to be fun.

          1. salmon eile

            Perhaps if you were not so condescending you would be taken seriously in real life too – and not have to resort to bigging up yourself on a bulletin board

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            Ah. You’re yet another emotionally damaged, deluded gobsheen who thinks their postings on an internet are important. I love people like you.

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            So when you called me a queen further up the page, that was you waving the white flag, yeah? See, *this* is why I love people like you. Tons of self regard but zero self awareness.

          4. MoyestWithExcitement

            Considering I’m neither gay nor female, yes. But you keep on hilariously trying to patronise people because you can’t hide the vacuousness of your posts. It’s genuinely funny.

          5. Nigel

            Yes, Moyest in in fact Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England. When the tabloids get hold of this there’ll be war.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Yes, this young political candidate is exactly the same as billionaire Denis O’Brien. Running for an election and posting missives to moderately successful Irish websites is definitely the same thing as threatening to sue anyone who talks negatively about you.

      1. salmon eile

        Sorry love. I spoke to the tactics and public relations strategy as the ultimate motivation in both cases is self-aggrandisement

    2. Nigel

      No real difference except for money, power, influence and one desiring secrecy and the other scrutiny. Indistinguishable.

      1. Anne

        Who’s the judge granting him these injunctions?
        You can compiled articles already in the public domain surely?

        1. Bonkers

          That would be Judge Colm O’Eodhaidh who was appointed to the High Court by Fine Gael after he had unsuccessfully ran as a candidate for the Dail in 2002 and the Seanad in 2007.

          Rejected by the citizens of Ireland twice but still good enough to judge them according to Fine Gael

        1. Nigel

          Mine. My terms. I can’t tell you what they are they’re secret and if you try to find out I’ll have you injunctified.

          1. Nigel

            If I have money and power and influence and a strong desire for secrecy even where it pertains to the public interest? Apparently.

          2. salmon eile

            Nigel I’d be interested to see any evidence you have to establish that contentious assertion has a basic in fact as opposed to in your imagination

  5. ollie

    Denis O’Brien could put a lot of the accusations and rumours to bed by making a comprehensive statement about the findings of the Moriarty tribunal. I wonder why he declined.

    1. Anne

      Like how he could have made a comprehensive statement about his dealings with IRBC.

      Giving the two fingers to the Irish people is what he’s good at.

  6. Owen C

    She’s makes a pretty good basic point, but seems to be a lot of faux anger involved. Clearly trying to corner the market for the angry vote.

  7. Chungus

    October 21, 2015 at 10:40 am
    “but he’s OUR ego maniac”

    I don’t think that’s it. I think it’s a very American right wing attitude that’s in play here. Folks who believe that “The Producers” should be revered because having loads of money is what everyone should aspire to and so anyone who isn’t rich (like elderly bearded protesters who might be on the dole) are the dregs of society who need to know their place and not criticise the almighty.

    That about sums it up.The amount of times I have heard this palaver from otherwise intelligent folk.

  8. Fergus the magic postman

    Good on you Anne-Marie. Keep it up. The SDs have my vote in the forthcoming GE, & I suspect I’m not alone.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      You’re absolutely not. There’s no other option as far as I’m concerned. You need to be a total See You Next Thursday to vote in FG again. You need to be stupid to vote in FF/Lab/SF. It’s Soc Dems and Inds all the way. I suspect that those horrible baxtards will get in again though.

          1. salmon eile

            Not surprising that like the lioness you deign to lick the hole of, you share a predictable approach of attacking the messenger not the message

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            You mean like a couple of posts about when you said, sarcastically “You sound like a really nice progressive type” instead of dealing with the actual message? You’d think I’d be bored of this but I’m not for some reason.

          3. salmon eile

            @ Moyes
            I’d be concerned and wholly unconvinced by your side if the way you choose to express yourself is indicative of the best thinking you guys have.

            That was the point made and it applies equally well to Ms McNally and a few other comments here too. You see even if I didn’t agree with the views expressed about Mr O Brien ( in fact I do for the most part) I’d be completely left cold by the style of knock em dead rhetoric handed out by you and others to anyone who dares question the motives of the author of this piece. Has the following occurred to you:

            A) Mr O Brien may be a corrupting influence AND
            B) Ms McNally may be little more than a pretty paid for mouthpiece for business rivals of Mr O’Brien?

          4. ahjayzis

            “A) Mr O Brien may be a corrupting influence AND
            B) Ms McNally may be little more than a pretty paid for mouthpiece for business rivals of Mr O’Brien?”

            A. has hard evidence to support it.

            B. has none to my knowledge and is probably defamatory – please provide some if you have it.

            In it’s absence I judge her by her actions and those of her leader, and Cath Murphy in my view has done some top-quality, real public service. She’s a public representative in the best sense of the term. I submit that it’s more likely that YOU are the paid mouthpiece for DOB since it’s been the modus operandi of his minions to do exactly what you’ve been doing this entire thread, evade, muddy the waters and cast vague aspersions as to the character of his adversaries.

          5. MoyestWithExcitement

            “I’d be concerned and wholly unconvinced by your side”

            That’s your first mistake. I don’t care about you and I’m not trying to get you on my side. You’re just some unimportant, emotionally disturbed shut in who fires out insults and patronising quips because you don’t have the brains to form a coherent argument and, deep down, you know it but, because, you’re so insecure, you choose to delude yourself into thinking you’re the second coming of Christopher Hitchens and will personally attack anyone who threatens that delusion. All we’re doing here is throwing words into a bottomless pit. Nothing we say here matters. You think it does though. That’s why it’s so much fun to mess with you.

          6. salmon eile

            @ Clampers and Anne

            Is anyone with whom you disagree on any topic by default the equivalent of a lonely old conservative commenter and controversialist who cheer leads for the RCC?

          7. MoyestWithExcitement

            “Is anyone with whom you disagree on any topic by default the equivalent of a lonely old conservative commenter and controversialist who cheer leads for the RCC?”

            Probs just you.

          8. salmon eile

            @ Ahjaysiz

            No, sadly I am not on Mr O Brien’s payroll. I hear he pays well though, especially those in the legal profession:)

            Re your rejoinder to my point B, I simply posed the question of Moyes and it transpires now that neither had you considered the possibility I raised. Your answer did not satisfy my thirst for knowledge however and your method at face value appears to be to accept, sine qua non, the actors such as Ms Murphy and Ms McNally MUST be as pure as true driven snow, as their cause is one with which you personally identify, and to accept their word as gospel. Meanwhile Mr O Brien then by definition must be the Devil because he is on the Other Side. How quaint, how Irish, how Catholic.

          9. salmon eile

            @ Moyes and Anne
            I’m neither “ABM” nor “emotionally disturbed ”

            I urge you both to reflect on this conversation

          10. ahjayzis

            Ooh that’s your most nonsensically troll-y response to date.

            I’m a sheep because I don’t think by default that every single person in the world has nefarious motives. That I should lump absolutely everyone, no matter the quality of their public service to date, into the same column as the proveably corrupt.

            Wouldn’t that be an absolute DREAM for dodgy people every where, to be treated on par with everyone else, especially the people who’ve a record of exposing that dodginess.

            Have a good afternoon, Sally, that was fun, hun!

          11. Nigel

            Or perhaps we’re sheep because we do not accept the obvious and self-evident fact that if you suggest someone is self-righteous and guilty of self-promotion that automatically makes them as bad as, if not worse, than any rich powerful corrupt people they may be criticising. Sure, in theory it might be true that rich powerful corrupt people are doing bad stuff, but come on! He just said they were self-righteous self-promoters! According to the rules that means we have accept the equivalence, shrug, shake our heads and walk away full of complacency and bitterness.

          12. salmon eile

            No just sheep-like Nigel. You and others appear to see life as some kind of unipolar adventure peopled with actors who are either ALL right or ALL wrong and not, as most people are, prone to indulging themselves to both, perhaps even at the same time! Shocking isn’t it I know?!!

          13. Nigel

            You seem to think that if recognising the lack of complete and unassailable purity in people you agree with or whose actions you regard as worthwhile isn’t inducing a state of moral paralysis in us, then we must not be seeing it. Most of us worked through the apparent contradictions inherent in human frailty in our twenties. Meanwhile it’s seen as a cheap exploit by people interested in maintaining the primacy pragmatism of corruption in public life to assert that supposed equivalence means stalemate.

  9. Anne

    That picture of DOB is kinda freaky. Is it a special one he had done for Halloween or wha?
    I prefer the one of him with the balloons.. slightly less creepy.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      The alternative is working. I absolutely refuse to do any work until I’ve got 5 minutes left. Panic brings out the best in me.

  10. Anne-Marie McNally

    salmon eile
    October 21, 2015 at 12:00 pm
    @ Moyes
    B) Ms McNally may be little more than a pretty paid for mouthpiece for business rivals of Mr O’Brien?

    And therein lies the rub of it. How dare a young woman be ‘angry’ and have passionately held opinions which she expresses in an ‘OPINION PIECE’ – shure she’s just a ‘pretty’ little thing probably having her strings pulled by a superior (presumably male) paymaster.


    And I won’t be getting caught up in a back & forth with you after this thanks Salmon – you’re as entitled to your opinions as I am mine – Maybe you should see if someone will give you an column though instead of haunting message boards.

        1. Anne

          Such a lawyer.
          Who’s bankrolling YOU Caroline.

          I think we should all lay our cards on the table here for Salmon eile.

          1. salmon eile

            Caroline does not have her own column here though arguably she should have. You’re more
            for the top shelf reader though Anne

  11. Anne-Marie McNally

    I guess if you want me to name a paymaster then it would be an internal little numbskull type person that drives the ‘public service’ part of my brain.

    Hard as it may be to believe, some citizens just care & have seen & heard too much to sit quietly by and watch as it continues to happen. And even harder to believe, sometimes that person just happens to be female and who despite being supposedly ‘pretty’ (which is questionable!) can actually perform actions based on nothing more than her own initiative.

    Kapiche?! Over & out!

    1. salmon eile

      You haven’t answered the question. Do I need to put in a freedom of information request? And yes though it’s
      nothing to do with anything here I do find smart, ballsy, intelligent women somewhat attractive!

        1. salmon eile

          No she didn’t Nigel. She answered it in a sort of euphemistic way but I admit it was a clever answer, which is why I felt compelled to pay her a compliment.

          1. Nigel

            So she did answer it, so you had to try to put her in her place with a ‘compliment.’ Creepy and smarmy.

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            Yes because all women just want men to compliment them. It’s the only thing they live for. All their fancy shmancy jobs are just ways to us men to validate them.

          3. salmon eile

            @ Nigel – I’m sure Ms McNally knew what she was doing even by stating that she only listened to the little voice in her head, I am sure that social justice is indeed part of her motive alright and it does seem to have satisfied you easily impressed folks. So in that respect it was a clever answer playing to the gallery and all. It didn’t addres my pertinent and outstanding request however- namely how she and Ms Murphy are funding and gaining resources to conduct such a well organised media and quasi legal campaign.

          4. Nigel

            Repeat the question even though it’s been answered! Tilt head and narrow eyes look with sincerity at the camera!

          1. ahjayzis

            Passing randy remarks about hot ‘slebs is quite different than making creepy comments in direct conversation with them after they’ve just accused me of objectifying them and after I’ve said all their success comes from being pretty for their sugardaddy? >_<

          2. salmon eile

            I see. So Ammo telling me effectively to do one wasn’t an attempt to put me in my place?

            Anyway it was a genuine compliment. Are you
            saying Ms McNally is NOT attractive or intelligent?

          3. Nigel

            Oh wow! It’s a woman doing stuff! Never mind about the stuff she’s doing, let’s focus on what’s really important, which is how attractive Salmon Eile finds her! And you’re so proud of your interpersonal incontinence! At best, you have no self-control, at worst it’s an effort to assert dominance. It’s probably both!

          4. Nigel

            That’s right, keep talking about how attractive you find her. That’s how you show women what’s important about them.

          5. salmon eile

            Well Nigel you’re the only one making an issue out of it. Are you jealous I didn’t compliment you as well? FWIW You seem like a nice fellow with his heart in the right place even if you are a bit of a know-it-all

          6. Nigel

            Actually, you use compliments, however barbed, to put a stop to exchanges you’re losing.All through the thread. This means I win!

  12. Fergus the magic postman

    Well played Anne Marie.

    Now, C*ntasEile, er sorry I mean Salmoneile, who is bankrolling you?

      1. salmon eile

        No one, Fergus. I’m just keeping an open mind on this as I explained to Nigel above because I am a bit suspicious when public representatives, previously famous for absolutely nothing else, suddenly appear constantly right on and on message. Reminds me of Gerry Adams.

        1. ahjayzis

          She’s head of communications for Cath Murphy – so I guess she’d be her ‘paymaster’.

          You’re saying you’re unemployed or self-employed or what?

        2. Nigel

          Gerry Adams was previously famous for absolutely nothing but is now suddenly right on and on a message? What?

        3. Fergus the magic postman

          I’m pretty sure most people here are on to you, so don’t bother with the charade.

          1. ahjayzis

            Where’s the queen thing coming from?

            Just say ‘faggots’ if that’s what you’re getting at.
            Queens are a way more niche thing – if you’re looking to question other peoples sexuality / insult mine be a big boy and use the bold word.

          1. ahjayzis


            Condolences salmon.

            Anyone who refers to themselves as the only ‘real man’ in the room obviously has a LOT of issues with said manhood ^_^

            Best of luck, hope we helped take your mind off it for the morning ;)

          2. salmon eile

            No – no issues there either- you should try it sometime

            Genuinely – it was fun chatting with you both
            Please consider what I’m saying that is all I ask

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            Everyone considered what you’re saying and everyone concluded that it was hilariously ill thought out and just stupid. You’re welcome, sport.

  13. Mikeyfex

    Easily the worst thread in the history of Broadsheet. Which is not a comment on the article itself.

    1. Owen O'F


      If only it had had some Student Grant accusations of ‘wacism!!!’ it would have had everything.

  14. Lilly

    It seems fitting all the same that someone with the moniker Salmonella should align himself with Denis.

    1. salmon eile

      No one is aligned with Denis here Lilly. Indeed I’m not sure where you’re getting that. I’m sorry but I did not realise broadsheet readers were so one dimensional

        1. Lilly

          Dear Salmonella, just because it appeared in Village Mag doesn’t make it gospel. We don’t have to spend the rest of our days defending the indispensable just to prove to Julia et al that we’re mavericks at heart.

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