Irish gentleman’s website Joe.ie.

Not just there for breasts, Conor McGregor and ‘too-literal’ headlines.

Gary Devitt writes:

So a couple of months ago my bike was stolen from outside my apartment. I did the usual Facebook runaround of putting a picture of my bike up and asking everyone to share. I was just about to email your good selves and throw another hat onto the ‘I know you don’t normally do this’ pile. Well my post got around as I had a comment from Niall McGarry that went like this :


In case you didn’t know (which I had no clue of at the time), Niall is the founder of Joe.ie This came completely out of the blue, I have never met or have no affiliation with Niall or the lads at JOE.ie but they gave me a brand new bike from the guys at Funked Up Fixies [delivered this week]. I can’t get over their generosity…just goes to show there are some really decent people in our little city.



51 thoughts on “Ode To Joe

  1. Mikeyfex

    Hey Market, you don’t market me, someone just marketed this on my market. That’s a market thing to market and I’d like to market you…

    1. Christopher

      This! They didn’t buy a bike for this guy- they bought SIX for marketing purposes- giving this guy one was a good way of doing that and generates more “impact” that the other 5 that are being given away in competitions.

      Yes I’m a cynical man but this one is pretty bland and it annoys me when marketing people get these easy social media wins.

  2. Dong

    There’s only one reasonable response: Rob all the joe.ie bikes and disguise them with a Broadsheet.ie paint job.

    1. Sheila

      I’m terrible at using the odd “So” at the start of a sentence… been catching my self more recently and removing the offending so and so…

    1. Prop Joe

      What this website did when a strangers bike was stolen will blow your mind

      Guy gets bike stolen, joe.ie steps in to save the day and it is everything

      Joe.ie replaces stolen bike and breaks the internet.

      stolen bike replaced and these people on twitter can’t even.

      1. Rompsky

        Very good! You forgot one with a number though

        17 reasons why having your bike nicked is good for you

          1. Squiggleyjoop

            This Irish Mammy got perfect revenge on her Irish lad son after he left the immersion on, by stealing his bike!

  3. the good helen

    ah stop would ya lads, your not happy unless someone has been killed while their bike has been stolen while their pet dog was kidnapped and their granny eaten alive. Its a good post, its a nice post and its a happy ending post.

    Gary delighted you got a new bike and fair play to Niall from joe.ie to helping you out., May you get many years out of this one, and hopefully a stronger lock can be purchased to save you from further heartache.

  4. Tony Stanza

    Joe being Joe, was the bike originally stolen from Reddit or Twitter and hastily re-stickered?

    Hashtag Megabantzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    Fair play to Niall. My younger brother has met the guy, said there’s no airs and graces nor bull out of him, which is refreshing to hear.

    Good for him! Marketing stunt or not.

  6. Fair's fair, like

    In fairness to Joe, there aren’t much boobs on their site. They’re pretty upstanding in that regard. Especially in comparison with other ‘gentleman’s’ websites.

  7. Rashers Tierney

    Fair play to the lads at Joe.ie, that was well sound in fairness. If it’s any consolation we can send out a few rabble stickers to cover up their branding too. I jest!

  8. Frilly Keane

    Ah who cares about the motives
    Yer man is delighted wi’himself

    Some a’ye are never happy

  9. Bonkers

    Fair play to this McGarry chap and Joe.ie. It was a nice gesture, bikes can be really personal things and its a headwreck to have one nicked.

    Anyway just in case they’re reading I’d like to say I’ve lost a substantial sum of cash and hopefully they’re doing a free cash giveaway soon.

  10. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Let’s stop kidding ourselves.

    This new bike is going to get stolen too, and Joe.ie is the Sun, Mirror and Star of Oirish websites.
    -A shameless embarrassment, desperate for clicks.

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