Conor McGregor’s coach on the UFC Tee of Shame (top).

Conor McGregor coach threatens to terminate Reebok deal over ‘stupid, divisive’ Ireland t-shirt (Mmania)

Cage fight!

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32 thoughts on “Ultimate Farce

    1. classter

      Ah boring, fluffy.
      We all know the situation regarding that part of the world is slightly more complicated than you have let on.

      It isn’t too much to expect a large, design-focused company (2013 sales of 1.6bn) which is part of a behemoth (Adidas) to take a tiny bit care around the issue.

      Fair play Coach.

  1. ahjayzis

    ‘Ireland’ also refers to the sovereign state of the same name. “Republic of” is entirely optional and is listed as the descriptor, not the name, in d’auld Bunreacht.

    1. mauriac

      bit of a stupid diss to the fourth green field and its Irish passport holding citizens all the same

    2. Iwerzon

      Article 2 & 3 claimed the 6 counties as part of ‘Ireland’ at the time until it was changed in 1999. Come on, RoI + NI = Ireland

  2. munkifisht

    So, legally, in the constitution, Ireland is the name of the country. The Republic is a description of the country. Northern Ireland is part of the UK, where the law was different. There, Ireland was a descriptor of the island as a whole and the Republic of Ireland is the name of the sovereign state until the 1998 Good Friday agreement. So the name of the country IS Ireland and that is also the name for hte geographical land mass which includes N Ireland, and we add another level of complexity on to that because the name Éire is equally valid both domestically and internationally. We’re a mess of an identity crisis, and while we’re on the topic, don’t even get me started on the national colour of Ireland.

        1. The Old Boy

          I had thought that St Patrick’s blue was a sky blue, but a quick search informs me that it apparently it can also refer to the darker shade now used.

  3. nellyb

    Would you stop now. People re-draw borders every time they want or don’t want the folks from the North being Irish. Good lad? – Irish. Criminal or shady type – “(s)he is from the North”

  4. Woof

    It’s part of that strange Northern Ireland feeling of floating in space – somewhat like the story It’s a Good Life by Jerome Bixby. On the Northern radio stations, they talk about driving conditions “in the south” meaning around Brighton. Eerie.

  5. medieval knievel

    it’s also a trainwreck of design. is that really the best an organisation like reebok can do?

  6. some old queen

    The legal change came about during the Good Friday agreement where Unionists demanded Northern Ireland was not part of Ireland. Now it appears maps are to be redrawn to deny basic geography?
    Ireland is an island. Two jurisdictions granted but still an island. Anyone who tries to say otherwise has a political agenda.
    Fair play to Coach. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it is a duck.

    1. Formerly known as

      When I was in Orlando, for USA 94, they had the same map on t-shirts saying “Ireland”. So, they are not a new thing.

      1. John E. Bravo

        arguable that it was appropriate to leave out the 6 there, given that FIFA insists that national teams correspond to political borders, and appropriate shorthand given that NI weren’t in the tournament.

        Here it’s a bit off: McG beats the Irish identity drum which does draw its skin from the whole island and is an individual athlete and not competing to represent any jurisdiction. It doesn’t make sense in the context of UFC, or McGregor.

        That said, maybe they had a rake of these mouldering a back room since the Giants stadium 94 and kimbled on a new price tag for the MMA lads.

        1. Formerly known as

          The t-shirts at USA 94 were not soccer related, they just had Ireland on them.

  7. Seriously

    I thought it was the phrase “show your territorial allegiance” that he found offensive rather than the picture?

    1. billyboy

      He put that out as his beef but you can bet right now that whole gym went batpoo when they saw the North chopped off.

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