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Paul writes:

I am attending my 30-year school reunion [non posh Co Dublin rugby-playing] next weekend (evening ‘do’ in an hotel) . Many will have not seen each other since the 20-year reunion held at the peak of the boom when we were doing ‘well’.

How does one convey a look that says ‘not as ‘well’ as I was to be candid but still alive and sure isn’t that all that matters’?

Full suit? Trainers? Dressing gown?

Or forget the whole thing and stay home?


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  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Dig out something nice from the wardrobe (possibly the same outfit you wore to the 20th anniversary) and buy less drinks. It’s likely everyone else will do the same.

  2. Disasta

    Booze at home…heavily. Then get dressed with tunes banging out.
    Arrive whatever time you want and keep boozing excessively.

    Win win.

      1. Disasta

        No. Just cause you’re nicely sauced listening to your music doesn’t mean you’re a long haired cross eyed hippy looking mickey.

        Although you could be, just try not to be.

    1. Prop Joe

      It’s a reunion. Of school people. That you never see.
      Go in high on petrol and blow, who f*****g cares.

  3. nellyb

    Yey, dress-up question and not for redacted :-) Cardigans are all the rage now, look good on a man of any age. A sea of them in TXmaxx to any taste n price range. A bit of Steve-McQueen-esque chilled out look. Or a linen jacket with jeans, timeless relaxed cool. [ah… got my shopping malaise exercised, thanks BS ]
    Have a good night Paul, the look won’t matter if you’re in a good mood :-)

    1. J

      Jaysus, do not do linen jacket with jeans. No Irish man can pull that look off. A cardigan only if you are slight in stature. Not a good look , if you have a belly trying to break free.

      1. Neilo

        Nix on linen – a more tailored needlecord or tweed jacket will look much better. Jeans must be tailored, straight fit and indigo-dyed. If going the cardigan route, John Smedley is yer only man: always fantastic cardis with 50% off year round on the website. Jazz the cardi up with a nice, crisp Oxford in a brighter hue and this can also be worn under the jacket. There we are! You can believe me, I’m usually well put-together :)

          1. Neilo

            Oh Lord, yes: a thousand times yes! If you have any left in your ‘drobe, hie thee to an alterations specialist with the quickness.

          2. Neilo

            Hi Caroline, duly noted! I just can’t resist an opportunity to play dress-up doll.

            @ Paul: you’ll look ace BTW

          3. Dόn Pídgéόní

            Caroline – no excuses. Unless you are a cowboy, you have no reason to be wearing those jeans. They are stupid.

          4. Caroline

            I will accept your statement in the same manner I do all statements about the putting on of clothes: I will nod enthusiastically and politely.

          5. J

            Brown, pied piper shoes with navy/black suit are also strictly verboten. If you wish to heed Caroline, then I would suggest a pair of natty ,mauve slippers.

  4. Just sayin'

    I would never go to a school reunion. Anyone I want to see from that period of my life I’m already in touch with. In a country this small and with Facebook, what is the point of these?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Oneupmanship, probably.
      I’ve heard women jealously comment on their old classmate’s youthful glow and men sneeringly remark on their classmate’s cars (or pictures of). Depressing.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      I’ll go out on a long shot here… maybe it’s the point of actual ‘socialising’ and real person face to face interaction. I mean you can’t give a wedgie or deck someone via your computer screen and if you try, it’s way too expensive.

    3. Goosey Lucy

      I’m with you Justsayin. I’d be steering clear.
      Got caught out at a wedding recently and ended up making small talk with somebody I went to school with. Talked inane drivel for almost 5 minutes before I remembered I hate small talk, and extracted myself.
      But each to their own, I suppose.

  5. Supercrazyprices

    The only reason people go to these is to see if they can score that girl they always fancied or to show off about their material successes.

    1. Disasta

      Does that happen? Damn I might go to the next one. Not for the material wealth part but for the girl. Cause these days I’d get up on the crack of a plate.

      1. Neilo

        Really? The scuttlebutt about you has always been that you’d get up on a sick hen. Or a gust of wind.

  6. Rugbyfan

    Wear a colourful Tux as worn in dumb and dumber and rock in there as if it were normal/
    They will remember you at the 40h!

  7. scottser

    rent a limo, a tux and a hot russian wife. then lie your @ss off for the night about your stock porfolio and your holiday homes, you know, like you did first time round.

  8. Bingo

    I’ve never been invited to a school reunion….boo hoo hoo hoo…
    Is it a posh school thing or am I just unpopular?

  9. Anyone

    If Skinner can make it, and he’s in his 80s, then you have no worries. Nobody cares who’s doing good, bad or indifferent. It’s gonna be a great night. Dress code is casual by the way :-) I always find crotchless trousers tend to create quite a stir!

  10. Lilly

    Resist the urge to wear a ‘slimming’ black shirt unless you want to look like an extra from Kill Bill.

    College reunions are hideous but school ones are great. 30 years on, they’ll know everyone has had their fair share of poo and doing well to be halfway sane. Have fun!

  11. Frilly Keane

    If ya still fit inta yer uniform
    Wear it

    The lads in the 40″ pants will go green

    They won’t even ask about ya back living with yer mam

    (N’ tell ’em you’ve you’re retired, after a handy early retirement offer that was too tempting to ignore)

  12. mike

    A Jeremy Corbyn look would be appropriate. Scruffy, but wise and having a fan-club of some proportions

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