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The Strypes – Scumbag City

The new single from the new album ‘Little Victories’ from chiming Cavan four-piece.

Scumbag City?

Dublin London, probably.


Download Little Victories on iTunes here.

The Strypes (Facebook)

Thanks Jenny McGovern

14 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Chris

    First Dr. Feelgood and now the Arctic Monkeys, whose back catalogue is next? Is anyone safe?

    It sounds like they’re confused about who they’re ripping off this time; the aforementioned, Royal Blood, Led Zeppelin or all of them.

      1. Medium Sized C

        The difference being that led zeppelin ACTUALLY ripped off the music, as opposed to just sounding like another band which is only considered ripping off by idiots.

        1. Devo

          I’d love to have a coffee some time and get down the semantics of riffs, phrasing and melody that the above ‘derived’ from the other bands entwined above. You seem to be completely unaware of the difference between composing within a musical style and being derivative.

    1. Spare

      Look it, who isn’t derivative? I was listening Oneohtrix Point Never earlier and i could hear a bit of Clark coming through.

      The video and track are class, go on the boys!

      1. Devo

        The whole world is doing it so why shouldn’t we? That’s the mentality that bore innovation alright.

        If you want something that isn’t derivative listen to Girl Band. They’re from Dublin and all.

        1. Medium Sized C

          All rock and roll music is derivative. The way you know is you can call it rock and roll. The stuff that spanks like you think is original sounds just like countless other bands.

  2. Mourinho

    They had meetings with the guys from Rocket Music Management.
    They were given a list of 12 bands and told to create one song on each style.
    The plan is to release each album track in turn and see what sticks.

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