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In a world gone all uncertain.

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Now we have the chance to show Fine Gael that it could be a political disaster for them not to take action on controlling rent increases. Here’s the plan. Next Wednesday, the day of the weekly cabinet meeting, this image (inset above) will be staring straight at them as they open their newspaper over breakfast. If enough of us chip in [link below] a small amount we can put an ad in a national paper next Wednesday and help break the impasse on rent certainty…

Alternatively you could always place an ad with the ‘sheet.

Our team is waiting for your call.

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No pressure.

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38 thoughts on “We’ve Been Ad

  1. David H

    If the government don’t step in and actually do something to protect landlords, there won’t be any properties left to rent.
    I know people who are owed several months of rent and have no reasonable means of recovering it.
    And they can’t even evict the people who refuse to pay.
    Surely a bit of balance would be good?

    1. ahjayzis

      Do landlords tend to demolish the house and derive NO income from it after being burned? Would they not sell it on to someone who will then free up the house they’re renting, or rent it out?

      1. ollie

        So ahjaysis, by your reckoning it doesn’t matter if a property is owner occupied or rented, therefore the cost of rent is unimportant.

        1. ahjayzis

          I’m not sure where you read that.

          Though ideally type of tenure shouldn’t matter – ownership and tenancy should both be protected and fair so a free choice can be made. My point is landlords going bankrupt due to owning multiple properties with loans they can’t service doesn’t mean all their property gets razed to the ground and put beyond use. They’re not symbiotic that way. The next owner will hopefully be slightly less stretched and thus will charge a fair rent, not based on being high enough to cover their enormous outlay to the banks (who really own the property, remember).

          But no, ollie, I don’t think anyone on earth thinks the price of rent is unimportant, pet.

          1. ollie

            ahjaysis, pet, this government has fleeced landlords with taxes on taxes (nppr was payable on net income, so landlords paid tax on the rent and then paid nppr on the taxed income.
            Regardless of who rents, owns, pays, there are not enough properties to rent and this won’t change for years, if ever.

    2. scottser

      If the government don’t step in and actually do something to protect landlords, there won’t be any properties left to rent.

      arguably, the day of the amateur landlord should be well and truly over. by all means sell your property and leave rentals to the professionals.

      1. Chris

        Hmm. Leave rentals to the professionals?? What like in London, an abhorrent shark tank of opportunist rental agents with total market domination. Lambs to the slaughter more like.

        1. ahjayzis

          Or, you know, Germany, where it’s fine to rent your whole life.

          Do you always jump to the worst possible example of anything someone else says?

        2. scottser

          no, i don’t include estate agents as professionals in that, i meant the voluntary housing agencies or local authorities. the whole idea is that housing should not be for profit. ever.

      1. David H

        I’m just saying that I have seen people go through the landlord side, and a lot of people seem to think that landlords are just sitting on the properties they own without associated debts which is not generally the case.
        A tenant not paying rent can leave a landlord in a critical financial situation, and this in turn will deter people from becoming landlords.
        Of course tenants must have rights, but if they aren’t paying rent, it should not be the landlord who ends up in a financial crisis.

        1. scottser

          a landlord still has the property as an asset to fall back on and they will will still own the property outright at the end of the mortgage term. it’s hard to feel any pity for a landlord; they took a mortgage out, they should be able to pay it.

  2. scottser

    just from my own experience mind, i’d venture that renters are the least likely of any group to actually receive their polling cards. i got sick of not getting them and ended up getting re-registered at the ma’s.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      True. I know so many renters from the country who never vote because they don’t get ‘home’. This is still not addressed, excuse the pun.

  3. Mayor Quimby


    The cretins who opposed the Central Bank’s mortgage policy? The one brought in to cool the housing bubble…

    The worst kind of slacktivists

  4. ollie

    Rent control, certainty, call it what you like, is unconstitutional.
    Blake v. The Attorney General [1982] I.R. 117

    This govt hasn’t the testicles to be honest with the citizens.

    1. Chris

      They have massive testicles, they are playing a humongous double bluff. They certainly wouldn’t want to be honest. Their hand is that they have a very cynical role in hyper cooling supply so as to ramp up the market.

      You are correct, rent controls are unconstitutional. Providing a proper supply of houses would have avoided rent controls ever being needed but the political will remains firmly against that.

      They will choke the market until at least after the General Election when they will loosen mortgage controls and give buyer incentives in the budget, there will be a buying frenzy then as well. Expect the rental bubble to worsen.

      Yes FG will win the election, they have bought all who they need from the electorate and are currently gloating like a farmer with a prize pig. Their brass will laugh at that ad.

      1. Tighe

        And how will they loosen mortgages exactly? Bully the Central Bank into abolishing the 20% deposit requirement?

          1. Tighe

            Bing yourself. The Central Bank are empowered to be independent of any Government by design. Regardless of the free market chicanery of FG the Central Bank has stood firm on this issue.

  5. ollie

    Good comment Chris. I reckon your prediction is spot on, Kelly is already moaning about central bank restrictions. So, the next govt ignores central bank advice and allows the banks increase lending into a market with zero supply of property. Meanwhile, interest rates stay low for the foreseeable future.
    To see what the housing market will look like in 2 years set your time machine to 2003.

  6. Eric Cartman

    maybe if the donators paid their rent instead of donating to this crap they’d be ok. Bunch of plebs.

    1. meadowlark

      You are so right. Just pay the bills, and rent, and your taxes too, and any disposable income you may have at the end of the day must be spent on a pre-approved items. And absolutely no fun either.

  7. Jake38

    I presume after “rent certainty” is introduced we can introduce “mortgage certainty”. Then, after overturning the laws of supply and demand, we can move onto the laws of thermodynamics. We’ll introduce “energy certainty” (no more pesky 2nd law) and invent a perpetual motion machine. Then, hey presto……….socialist nirvanha!

  8. Baz

    The ad is so badly worded

    ‘Remember Fine Gael’


    As in ‘remember the Alamo’ ?

    The notion that politicians eat breakfast over printed newspapers is like a notion from the 70’s

    The OP is more outmoded than the pols they aim to ‘hit’

  9. some old queen

    Rest has increased because landlords (and let’s not forget ladies) are greedy. Very few have higher mortgages than they had ten years ago but most are quite prepared to turf a family out on the street to pay their second/third/forth mortgage off faster.

    And all this in the year before 2016. The year they drove the landlords OUT. What replaced them? More of the same. People homeless at the whim of these leeches except the difference this time is, half of them think they are Irish Republicans.

        1. some old queen

          Maybe but that doesn’t hide the fact that many landlords are taking advantage of the current situation and it doesn’t help that a lot of TD’s are landlords of course.

          With people dying on the streets it is just not good enough that elected politicians hide behind ‘free market’ bul|poo. The PRTB was setup for good reason and this is no different.

  10. Peter Danner

    This is a great idea. If we can get this bizarrely worded and slightly confusing ad into print then the collective consciousness that are Politicians will be forced to notice it and subsequently have the moral awakening that something must be done as a priority to help the rental situation. If they don’t then renters will vote for…not sure really.

    Might I make a suggestion, if this doesn’t work (and it will, it is a bulletproof plan), just as a contingency, I say we take things to level defcon and have a march, check mate politicians.

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