No One At The Wheel




President Higgins with the Google Driverless Car at Google HQ, Mountain View, California with Lorraine Twohill, Chief Managing Officer, Google during Squee’s US visit.

No to scale, etc, etc.


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16 thoughts on “No One At The Wheel

  1. Peter Danner

    +1 on the photographer knowing exactly what he (I say ‘he’ because unless I missed the memo ladies are still unable to operate cameras or the likes right) was doing with taking the photo at the exact moment the profile angles lined up.

    Jayzus, seeing that Google staffer (again, and not meaning to sound sexist here but undoubtedly some scheduling conflict so there wasn’t a man around to explain the technology) explain the car workings to his holiness reminded me of Christmas mornings of old when you were trying to explain your Sega Genesis to one of your grandparents. Them feigning interest for the minimal amount of time needed so as not to offend, and you explaining in depth the inner workings of Sonic the Hedgehog, oblivious to their discomfort

    1. Bingo

      Sega Genesis was the American name for the Sega Mega Drive.
      I suspect you never owed one.
      Pretending to be a little other than you are to make a point?

      1. Peter Danner

        By that ‘other’ that I’m presumably pretending to be, do you mean ‘Sega Mega Drive’ owner. Foiled.

        To be fair though you are correct on one thing Bingo, I never in fact ‘owed’ one….but that’s a good thing, supposedly they were vicious little c**ts to deal with when they fronted you few dollars (I mean punts)

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