13 thoughts on “Generation Preoccupation

      1. whatdafup

        I don’t understand this thought process. Humans are egomaniacs – autobiographies, self-portraits. Now that is open to everyone why is it a surprise and why do people not like it? If you see a picture of a group of people, one of whom is you, where do you look first? Genuinely interested because it is such a common response

  1. Prop Joe

    Surely Millenials relates only to kids who were very young in 2000? Like born post 1990?

    To be 21 in 2001 and not have 9/11 be the life altering moment is ridiculous.

    This is bad.

    1. Neilo

      It’s a Vanity Fair infographic: hence the shoehorned references to Apple and the New York property scene lest Graydon ‘Mugatu’ Carter banishes the hacks to Filene’s Basement. I’d wipe me bottom with the mag but it’s just too darned glossy.

  2. Bexbot

    What ever happened to Generation Y? Thought that would be far more apt for those born between 1980-1995. I certainly have far more in common with those born pre-1980 than those after 1995. I ain’t no millennial…

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