Caoimhe Butterly writes:

I’ve spent the past few months working with various volunteer and solidarity structures in Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Calais. In response to the degrading conditions, dislocation and discrimination that many of those seeking refuge face as they travel, volunteer networks have attempted to embody practical solidarity and real welcome.

These groups have spent time with and learnt from the courage, resilience and dignity of the women, men and children who are journeying such long distances in the hopes of re-building lives of safety and stability.

I’m travelling back to Lesvos/Lesbos on November 10 with a group of experienced, calm and dedicated medics from Ireland- nurses, mid-wives, paediatric doctors, EMTs and a surgeon- and logistical support volunteers.

We will work alongside existing medical groups and volunteer networks as a mobile unit, responding to the medical and other practical needs of those surviving the winter crossing in rubber dinghies and decrepit wooden boats. We are covering our costs through friends and family so the money raised here [link below] will be spent on procuring additional medical supplies and vital medical equipment…

Medical support/solidarity, Lesvos (GofundMe)

Yesterday: A Drop In The Aegean

Pic by Radu Buema

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25 thoughts on “Giving Berth

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Oh, I dunno. Lots of humans think the world revolves around them and so get personally offended by someone asking people to donate money to the poor because it subconsciously reminds them they’re terrible people which makes them uncomfortable.

          1. Lorcan Nagle

            Originally, the term was used by left-wing people to refer to people who talked a good fight on the internet but didn’t actually do anything in real life to match up to their professed ethos. But in recent years it’s become a catch-all term by reactionary types as an insult for anyone who does anything they don’t like. It became very popular during the height of Gamergate as a put down of anyone in favour of diversity

  1. phil

    I support any act of kindness humans show to other humans in need, it matters not a jot to me if that act of kindness is based on bad or misinformed information. Im going to donate.

    I find whats going on in the Med very upsetting , but what really find distressing is the attitude of some of my fellow citizens, trying to pick apart the reasonable efforts of reasonable people who feel compelled to try and help these refugees in desperate situations .

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      It’s not that hard to work out. That these people are doing something about the crisis, reminds your fellow posters that they’re not so they try and belittle the efforts of the volunteers or questions their motives to try and make themselves feel better about not doing anything and/or not caring.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        “questions their motives”
        How do I pretty much forget grammar on a regular basis when I’m on this site?

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Thank you Zuppy.
      I thought I’d be alone in saying exactly what you just said, but my comment would’ve been deleted if I’d expressed it. (I’m on ‘the list’.)

      ‘Social Media’ isn’t ‘social, not in any way.
      It’s detrimental to civility, intelligence and progression.
      It’s a curse, a terrible curse.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        The kids see no fault in it.
        They know no better.
        This alter-life is real life for them.
        It makes them feel invincible, but they’re wrong.

        We’re all going to die.
        Mark my words.

        God help any of them who knock on my door on Saturday. is all I’m saying.
        -I’ll show them Hallowe’en.
        Oh yes.

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