Who’s Your Dada?




Last night.

Seamus O’Reilly writes:

Too late for halloween costumes? My good pal Hugh Cooney helped me fabricate this rather natty ‘Avant Garda’ costume for a gig this weekend in London, featuring a Dali-inspired lobster walkie talkie. I eventually got very good at explaining what a Garda is to otherwise suitably impressed revellers all evening….Vine here

14 thoughts on “Who’s Your Dada?

  1. Caroline

    This brilliant, troubling costume captures the poignancy of emigration more than 1,572 and counting Irish Times articles every could.

    1. Bonkers

      In fairness to the Irish Times they are the only media outlet in Ireland who bother covering emigration. For the rest of Official Ireland it just doesn’t exist

  2. Troggy

    V. Trendy. However I can’t escape the feeling that this is the work of the divil. If I’m wrong, I’ll feel rotten but if I’m right I’ve stumbled across a right pair of buachaill dana indeed.

  3. Pontius Pilate

    Troggy, you have an eye for detail. A first glance this young boy is looking swank with an element of vogue but on further investigation you can tell he is as bold as brass. And his “pal” Hugh is just as brazen for assisting him.

    1. Troggy

      His friend Hugh seems like a right old pup. I reckon he’s the brains of the operation. Seamus being the looks.

    1. Jon Arbuckle

      Yes. A fine catalogue of material, including Nightmare Vision of Chris DeBurgh’s Head, Boyfriend Can’t Help Laughing About Outbreak of Plague at Harry Potter Convention and my personal favourite, Liam O’ Maonlai, You’re a Gobshite.

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