‘Europe’s Best Conference Location’




Dublin City Council hoarding this afternoon.

Snapsnap writes:

Just ask Paddy




This afternoon

Meath Farmer, pumpkin magnate and – how does he find the time? – Broadsheet social media manager Tom ‘Dylan’ Dillon (left) with hay-stuffed (by his own hand) teddy superhero which will be in the showgrounds of the RDS for the duration of the Web Summit.

Why not sit on him and have a real strawman argument?

And then have a look at the teddy.



Anon writes:

Handed out as I was leaving at the RDS…Probably a start up.

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27 thoughts on “‘Europe’s Best Conference Location’

  1. jonotti

    Most conferences are just an excuse to go for a piss up on the company account. In that regard Dublin fits the bill very well for most visitors. l

  2. Pedantic Pat

    Paddy is coming across as an egotistical self-important gimp, who wants everything provided for free, in the last few days

  3. Mr. T.

    The lap dance flyers are for the venture capitalists, leering, heavy breathing, middle aged spread and sweaty palms, out on the lash with a few exited local banking geeks whose wives are texting them every 30 minutes.

    They still do business trips 90s style. Probably all staying in the Westbury.

    In their velvet pants.

    1. Serval

      It would be strange to get a drink and a dance but not be granted admission.
      I’m glad they clarified that admission is included.
      It usually isn’t included in the price.

  4. Kolmo

    What’s with the ever increasing size of the lanyards attendees are required to wear? Does it indicate the self-importance of the event? The rugby world cup had people wearing a full A4 sized labels around their necks, like a simpleton in an airport…
    Is it an American thing, did someone see it on TV like the red plastic cups fad and think it was a good idea?
    Headwreck of a thing.

    1. The Old Boy

      I’ll paint a van with a pro-life slogan and park it in a bicycle lane near the Grand Canal. It should keep them going for a bit.

      1. scottser

        I’m going to nick everyone’s bike. The i’ll paint them all flourescent yellow or orange and write ‘careful now’ on them and then i’ll give them back.

  5. Lorcan Nagle

    “fun” story time: I learned on Monday that about 2/3 of the jobs in my current place are moving to other branches around Europe, and that of course means less IT staff needed. And I knew there was a career night on as part of the Web Summit this evening – some posters I saw in town were going on about it being aimed at graduates, but their website suggested it’d be useful for experienced types as well. I expected the usual career thing: talks and the opportunity to talk with recruiters, but there were no recruiters to be found, it was just the same talking heads on a stage. I made it through about 3 minutes of the kind of stuff Silicon Valley uses as a punchline before I turned around and walked right out.

      1. Lorcan Nagle

        Well I discovered today that only one of the three IT jobs is going, but it’s gonna be last in, first out, We’re looking to get voluntary redundancy as an option, and the other two guys on the team are more than ready to leave. So I’ve got a chance.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Unfortunately after redundancies, the ones left behind are expected to take on the tasks that their departed colleagues would have done. Restructuring eh?

          Good luck though.

          1. Lorcan Nagle

            In this case the headcount in the office is being reduced by about 150 people, so slightly more responsibility (the two people remaining will have to divvy up the admin tasks and pointless conference calls), but fewer people killing their keyboards with cofee and biscuit crumbs makes up for that.

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