They’re Boxy But They’re Good


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Behold Next – a ‘smart transportation system’ that envisages swarms of interlocking cuboid vehicles driving autonomously on regular roads, attaching and detaching, even while in motion. When the vehicles attach, folding doors open, allowing occupants to move freely between them.


12 thoughts on “They’re Boxy But They’re Good

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Or read any number of sci-fi books, from Clarke through Heinlein through McMaster Bujold.

  1. Specific Gravity

    Re headline – thanks for the reminder of Dudley as the ad-man in Crazy People. This was his slogan for Volvo. Never forgot it, more than 20 years on!

    Equally great was his one for Jaguar: For men who’d like hand jobs from beautiful women they hardly know…

    Love that movie.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Or the Porsche one: too small to get lain in, but you get laid the minute you get out!

      Great film :)

  2. Slightly Bemused

    That last bit about the doors opening between cars would worry me. Apart from anything else, what if I moved into the back car, then my turn came up, doors close and I am stuck with the others? Serious potential protection concerns too: what is a single person was in one car, they join, and the occupants of the second attack/rob/assault them?

    The rest of it concerns me less – quite a good idea really and nice to see someone looking to make it a reality.

  3. David

    It’d be instructive to see one of these things coming along a rural road, dealing with dog walkers and joggers, cyclists, cows, fallen stones, silage machinery, potholes, broken branches etc.

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