You May Like This (Take 2)




You may have briefly caught a version of this driving grunge pop beast from Dublin-bred Otherkin on the ‘sheet last week.

There was something wrong in the audio ‘mix’ so the band – David Anthony, Luke Reilly , Rob Summons, Conor Andrew Wynne – went back to the mixing board to produce this new actually significantly improved version.

Fair play, in fairness.

Another song from the and music series, hosting and producing videos for Irish acts performing new material.

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Thanks John Barker

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4 thoughts on “You May Like This (Take 2)

  1. arghonaut

    That sounds like they’re playing 4 different songs at the same time. Don’t think there’s anything a mix engineer could do to make that performance sound coherent.

  2. Bacchus

    I thought at the start I was going to hate but then I didn’t… it definitely has something. Less self conscious posing and just stick to the job at hand lads… It’s a good sound.

  3. Shayna

    I used to go to a punk underground venue in Shepherd’s Bush, London in the late 80s – I have to say, this would’ve fitted! Apart from all the head-butting, jumping around, spitting and unnecessary use of safety pins – I salute the punk era. This is not the punk era. All the guys clearly can play music, and the lead singer is clearly a lead singer. I’d love to hear more.

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