McVerry Xmas Cards



Looking for Xmas cards?

Want to help the homeless?

The Blind Elephant Collective is a group of Irish and International artists from various backgrounds “joining together to create unique illustrations”.

Austin Lysaght of the collective writes:

Just thought you might plug our exhibition opening tonight at the Icon Factory, Aston Place, Temple Bar, Dublin. We’re selling Christmas cards (never too early) all of the proceeds from which will be donated to the Peter McVerry Homeless Trust. We don’t even reclaim the cost of printing. The cards (until stocks last) will be available from the Icon Factory for a month.

Blind Elephant Collective Winter Show

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers. No fee.

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17 thoughts on “McVerry Xmas Cards

    1. Mick Flavin

      That’s phrased very poetically for a statement only devised to cause a row.
      Looks like we have a writer in our midst!
      Come, come, don’t hide your lamp under a bushel.

    2. Caroline

      Providing succour to the needy and despised. So sort of like a modern-day Jesus. I mean not to overdo it but what you’re basically saying is he is an embodiment of Christ.

    3. Neilo

      Though I agree with his worldview about 2% of the time, Peter Mc is a sound man, espousing Applied Christianity.

    4. Anomanomanom

      I’d rather have this comment deleted than have it left here since the BS staff seem he’ll bent on deleting any of my other comments explaining it.

  1. GerryCT

    Dear Clampers Outiside,
    Anomanomanom’s reply doesn’t deserve a response. But I am “religious” and object to you lumping “blinkered idiot with being religious.

    1. Cup of tea anyone

      the elephant is highlighting the group who did the art work. The Bling Elephant Collective. I suppose the cards are a way of raising money for the charity and highlight the groups work. and they played into Christmas. Its a mixed bag of marketing.

    2. Cup of tea anyone

      I see you highlighted CHRIST in CHRISTmas so just out of interest. Apart from mas in the morning. What about Christmas has anything to do with the original christmas?

    3. Custo

      It’s a Mammoth.

      Our exhibition is Polar themed (cos it’s winter), and we thought it would be a good joke. Like an elephant wearing a coat.

      Also who can forget the story of The three wise men riding to Bethlehem on their Mammoths to see little Baby J.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Good luck with it Blind Elos. Maybe create some online ones too?

    *aside……WhoTF sends christmas cards?

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