She Is Among Us



This afternoon.

Brown Thomas, Grafton Street, Dublin

International makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury (top) speaking to Karen Koster (in red), of TV3’s Xposé while (above) among fans of international make-up there’s always one.

Late Late Show so

(Leon Farrell/

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20 thoughts on “She Is Among Us

  1. David

    What exactly is a “International makeup artist”? A painter who who goes from country to country apologising?

    1. ahyeah

      I find making up is almost invariably about making the other person realise who wrong they were, actually

  2. Mick Flavin

    Is one of her eyes higher on her face than the other or am I having a psychedelic drug reactivation of some sort.

  3. Supercrazyprices

    There was a queue of fools outside H&M on Dame Street last week waiting for the honour of some lame sale or something. Do they realize they’re made to wait outside to serve as free PR for the shop?


  4. Frilly Keane

    Who am I supposed to be looking at?
    In that top Pic?

    I see a phoney red carpet set up
    With a Panti look- a- like
    ( unless it is Panti with a henna do)
    And one’ah the TV3 Zs

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