35 thoughts on “Tykes Go Free

  1. Bing Gong Gone

    Sure who would blame him? Sure there’s nothing for the poor childers to do. And if he falls off and gets cut in half by the Tram – sure who would blame his parents for suing for negligence. There’s no sign that says you can’t ride on the outside of the Luas is there?

  2. MrGavoB

    We can only assume that the tram is going away from the camera and that he’s sitting on the back.
    As dangerous as it is, I help help but smile thinking of him sitting at the front of the luas with driver having to look around him as they go.

    1. Richie C

      That is correct. He rode it the whole way down the Naas road too, not a bother on him. Some buachaill.

    2. Slightly Bemused

      No need to assume: the lights are red which means this is the rear carriage at this time, plus looking at which track he is on.
      I would say the driver does not notice him as he may not have a view of the now-rearward facing camera in the centre. Not sure where it is located, but I think high so it does not see the kid.

  3. Talismania!

    Prediction: Now they’ll all have to try it, and they’ll end up damaging the wipers, putting the line out of action.

    1. Joe

      nope, an electric shock button would be better. like what they want to do in India to stop em climbing on the trains.

      1. manolo

        Try two generations of heavy investment before you see anything close to widespread social responsibility in Ireland. In the meantime…

    1. Junkface


      Sick of horrible scobies and their feral teenage scobie kids. They are the worst thing about living in Dublin city anywhere near flats. At least its easy to spot them in their scummy uniforms though

  4. ahjayzis

    Has anyone been tarred and feathered yet for routing a commuter tram line through literally every skangbag black spot they could find on the map of Dublin?

  5. Snickers

    I would laugh if I discovered that the lad testing out the Elfin Safety and outraging Broadsheeters was ectuallay upper-class.

  6. Sheikh Yabooti

    Give the kid some credit. He’s politely sparing the paying passengers the awkwardness of mugging/fighting/vomiting. I suggest roofracks for them; cheaper than bromide additive into Dutch Gold and John Player Blue. May cause delays as immolated carcasses are removed.

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