Meanwhile, On The N7



This morning.

Gardai say:

The M50 at Junction 7 Southbound will remain closed until later in the morning . The slip road from the N4 onto the M50 is also closed. Rush hour traffic will be seriously impacted. Please allow extra time for your journey. Traffic on the N4 intending to travel south should divert at Liffeyvalley and use the Fonthill Road onto the outer ring road.


90399627 90399628


One of the trucks and a car, involved in the crash on the M50 this morning, being removed.

(Eamonn Farrell/

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60 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On The N7

  1. Wayne.F

    One female critical after accident on the M50 at n4 junction 7 big knock on effect across all roads that meet the M50

      1. Clampers Outside!

        * rolls down window, shouts at driver speeding down in the lane beside *
        ” I got a new Sony Z3, I’d highly recommend it ”

        Other driver rolls down window too, shouts back “Thanks for commenting, I got the latest HTC, it’s not too bad “

  2. RockyRoader

    That’s the Navan Road – the N3 – in the picture. Nowhere near Baldonnell, the N7 or even the N4.
    I’m confused.

  3. ahjayzis

    Hope the injured woman pulls through.

    But what’s the story with one collision completely shutting down the city’s transport infrastructure?

      1. ahjayzis

        Dav, pet, you never disappoint, where would be be without our token jabbering imbecile not understanding basic, *basic* points? Well done.

        Also, kudos on not misspelling anything too, gold star!

        1. dav

          Well, i could have said it was due to the lack of vision from the blueshirts and their labour lackeys for investing in the capital’s infrastructure but you’d only be jumping to their defence, like a good mount st doggie!

          1. ahjayzis

            I’ve been a hundred times more critical, and a million times more coherent and understandable than you on FG/Labour my dense little friend.

            But we get it, it’s your stock insult, you heard it from someone smarter and in actual context and think it works for every situation, regardless of the facts. I can see you now, quibbling with the barman at closing time accusing him of YFG membership. We love that about, you’re very special to us. The token idiot with the hammy catchphrase!

          2. classter

            Yup, dav, that would be idiotic.

            Most transport systems in most places are vulnerable to serious blockages the one above.

            One question might be about how quick the authorities are to clear the road again & whether they need to improve/coordinate that system.

            Another is about the patterns of settlement planned/permitted & the fact that plannign & transport are planned separately pretty much.

            Another, sort of the one you’re referring to, is about building more redundancy into the overall transport network. On this FG/Lab have been terrible but realistically even if they had thought about this day one none of the required infrastructrue would have been on-stream today,

    1. Cian

      You have a bad enough collision on a major road, and you’ll need to close that section of road to let emergency services deal with the crash, and to clean the road afterwords. You could get around it by building a second M50, but that’s hardly a worthwhile investment.

      Noticeably, you see the same thing in most major cities – a sufficiently bad crash on the M25 will pretty much close it as well, and bring most of London to a standstill.

      1. ahjayzis

        Well it’s ongoing for about 5 hours, I guess it must have been a catastrophic accident – but I would’ve thought this kind of prolonged closure would only come about from a massive pileup as opposed to a few vehicles, is all.

        1. Owen

          I have been told by a paramedic previously that a death (or bad enough injury to potentially result in death) on the road results in a closed road to allow forensics.

        2. Wayne.F

          Forensics, need to analyse and process the site, so say 20-30 minutes from crash to medical evac, than another 20-30 minutes before forensics arrive and the. 1/2 hours work depending on the crash & an hour to clear the scene

    2. joj

      We rely too much on a single ring road, we need an outer and an inner motorway ideally, traffic would then be literally zero and buses would actually be quicker than walking

      1. ahjayzis

        I’d far rather look into congestion charging funding whopper public transport or the like rather than building ring road after ring road til we hit the Shannon!

        Higher density, higher quality apartments, closer to the centre – basically let’s build a European city and ditch this American sprawl so we can all get around more handily!

        How many Luas lines could be built for the price a second, necessarily longer, outer M50?

        1. ollie

          congestion charging, a law that clears the road space for the wealthy. The sort of legislation that FG were built on, and hopefully will destroy them.

          1. classter

            What other policies similar to congestion charging have FG been built upon?

            You have a point in a way that it is regressive but if it gives me (undoubtedly one of those priced out of contention) cleaner air, less traffic, quicker public transport, etc., then fine by me.

    3. Spaghetti Hoop

      Small city with an over-dependence on one semi-orbital route because of commuter belts in west of it and a constant north-south / south-north movement.
      A lot of congestion on the alternative routes this morning and a LOT of mobile phone usage.
      I hope that woman pulls through too. Looked awful.
      But anyone regularly driving the Mifty knows the careless driving that goes on.

  4. Skeptik

    Saw the accident scene this morning, it’s pretty nasty, car wedged under the front of the truck. I’m glad to hear the occupant survived. It didn’t look like anyone would have survived that.
    The guards were surveying the scene and that takes time, so there’s nothing they can do about that.

    I suggested the spacing chevrons like in the UK be introduced here to the local politicians and the NRA but heard squat. If people kept their distance at speed, a lot of these crashes could be avoided. The M50 is notorious for that.

    1. Owen

      Indeed, spacing enforcement, and average speed cameras periodically along the road. If your average is above the max, you get a fine. This includes the 60km for roadworks.

        1. Wayne.F

          Imagine how effective 4 unmarked traffic. Cars patrolling the M50 would be enforcing, proper lane discipline and speed limits

          1. Wayne.F

            Cian, average speed cameras can not manager dangerous driving, poor lane management, early exit and entry from slip lanes, aggressive driving, phones, makeup newspaper use while driving. While a good start speed is probably not the biggest issue on the M50

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Agreed. Currently there are just two speed cameras on the M50. Can these cameras detect the dangerous driving too? That is what is causing the collisions.
            *not implying the drivers of today’s crash.

          2. Jesst

            No they can’t, I had a loon chase me down an on ramp and then drive on hatched line to pull in front on me and stop, I’m guessing to try and get me to drive into them. All because I was ‘driving too slow’ (at the speed limit) getting onto the m50. They sped away before I could get a number plate. Tried to follow it up but apparently the cameras are just a live feed and they don’t actually record anything. Data protection I guess, but it’s a damn shame.

      1. Skeptik

        Speed is often not the problem on M50, spacing is. Travelling at 80km/h with a 3 metre gap between cars is legal but extremely dangerous. People do it subconsciously and it’s only getting worse. That’s what makes the chevron markings work – makes drivers think. It’s cheap, doesn’t require power or monitoring and is proven to be effective. It’s a no brainer, or so you would think.

    1. meadowlark

      The woman’s car was utterly smashed between two trucks. It’s a miracle she survived. I imagine such a serious accident will take time to clear what with emergency services doing their jobs and the guards and forensics there as well. If either of the trucks were in any way seriously damaged then it could be very difficult to clear also. We don’t know what is taking so long but I’d rather it was done correctly and we avoid accidents like this in future.

      1. Disasta

        Trucks don’t look to bad, womans car was pretty bad all right.
        Looks like access wasn’t overly constricted unless the woman was seated in the back of the car, but considering no mention of other persons in the car I don’t think that’s the case. I’d imagine they got her out quick enough if injuries were that serious.

        Measurements and a HD video will capture scene, could be done in 30 minutes. Start clearing debris and trucks immediately after.

        4-5 hour holdup is ridiculous.

  5. phil

    If you have a fender bender with another motorist , and when the Gardai arrive if you havent moved your cars from blocking traffic, the Gardai will give you a bolliking .

    If they close the road its a very serious incident …

  6. 15 cents

    its terrible that she was badly hurt and went to hospital, however.. i was a few cars back when it happened, and she cut across a truck in a bid to change lane at the last second, and got absolutely rinsed. i dunno how she didnt die. if they had it on CCTV it would be a perfect example to show others who do that risky move all the time. i hope she pulls through ok, and im also glad tho, that no one else was hurt

    1. meadowlark

      My dad drives a truck. He’d be on the road a fair amount of the time. Trucks can only go a certain speed but they can use a sort of auto pilot type thing to allow the truck to maintain a consistent speed (this is my understanding of it, correct me if I’m wrong) and it can be very difficult to quickly slow the truck down enough to prevent an accident if a car cuts across without warning. My dad told me of a near miss he had only last week. He said that they pulled out from the hard shoulder, no warning, and that he could have killed them. People are careless.

      1. 15 cents

        they really are, and ya see it all the time .. especially on motorways, which is bizarre, people take more risks when goin 100+ .. and for what? to try save a few seconds on a journey?

        1. Disasta

          People in Cork have a death wish the way they drive. It is beyond comprehension. I see a near miss or have to take action myself multiple times a week. I only drive 18-20km a day and I don’t drive every day.

        2. meadowlark

          I will share a secret with you. The M50 frightens the poo out of me. Can’t understand the risks people take on that motorway.

    2. Jesst

      That’s terrifying. Maybe you should tell the Garda what you saw? The cameras don’t record anything, stupidly. I see it everyday on the m50. The mind boggles…

    3. Skeptik

      I’m not surprised, right at that spot loads of people jump across the hatched area joining the motorway too early, forcing traffic on the motorway to take evasive action. I can’t understand why people feel they have to get on that quickly. That’s what slip lanes are for.

      Hope you spoke to the Guards about what you saw, they would be keen to hear from any witnesses.

  7. David Carefree

    The M50 is a road that straddles West Dublin.
    You need to pay a toll to cross it.
    If you drive in from Cavan then you dont need to pay the toll.
    People from Cavan bring their kids to visit Santy’s grave at the Christmas
    The Christmas is only a few weeks away now.
    RTE will have nothing on the telly that night
    TG4 will probably show a film by Darren Aronofsky or Werner Herzog. Or The Baader Meinhof Complex.

  8. tdawg

    this is standard for the wicklow to dublin N11 route. 2.5 hours today, 2.45 hours yesterday. 2hrs on monday. the road planning authority need to get the finger out and build a Wicklow (newcaslte to cherrywood by pass) to Dublin motorway and get rid of morning the car park through the geln of the downs

  9. pissedasanewt

    You have to drive up the arse of the car in front because if you don’t somebody will jump in without indicating and push you back and then it happens again and again until you end up in your driveway.

    Extremely un-polite drivers here. If you indicate to move into a lane people see this as a threat to their space and speed up closing the gap. Whats wrong with just accepting somebody wants to change lanes and let them in, maybe flash the lights to let them know you aren’t going to close the gap. Just be nice…

  10. Jesst

    I must be the only person that didn’t get stuck in traffic this morning… 7.30am starts have some bonuses I guess. Does this count as gloating? I hope so.

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