Alan Hughes (right) and Karl Broderick following their civil union ceremony

I’m not sure that Alan Hughes knew,
That what he could bite he could chew,
But he’ll stake his place,
In the news. And his face,
Will get not one day out, but a few.

John Moynes


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13 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. WU

    A limerick is a poem you see
    With meter and rhyme and it’s key
    that you have a hook
    or you’re out of luck
    and you’ll suck like Moynes and me

  2. panga

    Alan photo op Hughes
    Alan I Love The Limelight Hughes
    Alan I wonder how much reportage I can stir up this week Hughes

    1. Caroline

      They decided to go for an off the peg “drenched Confirmation boy” look because if it inspired even one gay teenager to feel accepted then it was worth it.

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