True Crime In Your Area


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Screenshots from an interactive Neighbourhood Crime Survey created by the Ireland edition of The Times

Just the facts

Seán McCárthaigh, of the Ireland edition of The Times ireland Edition, has created an interactive Neighbourhood Crime Survey by taking data from the Central Statistics Office, tracing the crimes to back to the country’s 563 garda stations and mapping the results.

Mr McCárthaigh writes:

“While there have been widespread reports of increasing crime in certain areas, local crime rates have been difficult to establish. The survey used Central Statistics Office (CSO) data, but traced it back to each locality, allowing users to see whether recorded offences have risen in their city, town or village and to see a breakdown of the specific crimes committed.

The analysis showed noticeable drops in crime in some areas, including Mayo, Westmeath and parts of northwest Dublin, such as Blanchardstown, Finglas, Cabra and Ballymun.”

“Mapping the data has also identified several crime hotspots in the past year. Recorded crimes were up at a majority of garda stations in south Dublin, particularly those in middle-class suburbs.”

Explore the survey here

Survey reveals suburbs are crime hotspots (The Times, Ireland Edition)

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9 thoughts on “True Crime In Your Area

  1. medieval knievel

    i see dublin airport is one of the hotspots; probably shouldn’t have been included because i suspect the population is extremely low.

  2. localperson

    Dublin Airport and Stradbally (Electric Picnic) are both included but they are both explained in the news story and in the interactive.

  3. munkifisht

    I would like to understand what a “Recorded Crime” is. Does this mean a call made by the public to the Gardí or is it dependent on the Gardí’s interpretation of the call and whether it constitutes a crime. If the latter is the case then the figures are utterly useless as they are subject to bias. I would also like to know if it is now harder to report a crime.

    Finally, crime figures will fluctuate, but if you cut police budgets and you will see a increase in crime over time.

  4. bubbleandsqueak

    Is it not somewhat irresponsible to put this information into the public domain?

    It basically gives criminals a map of where policing levels are likely to be lower (those areas where crimes haven’t been committed)

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