Progress For Mary



Ann Doherty, the twin sister of murdered schoolgirl Mary Boyle (above), will meet An Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Dail Eireann tomorrow.

The visit is part of her ongoing campaign to find her six-year-old sister’s remains and bring the killer to justice.

Ms Doherty, her identical twin, believes Mary was murdered by somebody known to her because she was going to reveal a terrible secret. This individual has never been arrested.

Ms Doherty also alleges there was political interference in the investigation which has prevented the killer from being brought to justice.

A number of Gardai who worked on the investigation have confirmed that a phone call was made to Ballyshannon Station in the days after Mary’s disappearance requesting that some individuals not be considered suspects.

Ms Doherty will inform the Taoiseach of her belief that the Gardai have protected Mary’s killer for almost 40 years and that during that time he was, and remains, a danger to other children.

Enda Kenny To finally meet sister of murdered schoolgirl (Soundmigration)


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8 thoughts on “Progress For Mary

  1. Mr. T.

    “some individuals”

    I really hope that politician’s name is revealed during what I hope will be the trial of the suspect.

    Fine upstanding respectable members of our community no doubt. The very ones we should have been watching closely all these years.

    1. meadowlark

      I hate to say this but I agree. You would hope and expect that our elected representatives are beyond such as this. But by now we all know better. It feels like there is no low to which they will not stoop.

      Everything about this case strikes me as wrong.

      1. FreshFish

        It’s just one blokes opinion
        And on a completely unrelated topic
        For fupps sakes get some perspective

  2. 15 cents

    enda kenny is the last person she should meet .. he’ll just nod and agree about doing everything he can, then a smile for the camera, and off back to doin eff all.

  3. Blonto

    This must rank as the worst cover up of all time. A child was murdered and some people go out of their way to protect suspects. Was this linked to a paedophile ring since there was more than one person to be protected?
    Time is ticking. They have gotten away with it for 40 years. The politicians will try and delay an investigation until they’re all dead.
    If they ever get around to prosecuting anyone, an investigation needs to be headed up by someone from outside the country.

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